Large grottos and beautiful shrines are the identity of Ipoh. This capital city of Perak is a favorite weekend getaway amongst the Malaysians. And as soon as the school holidays strike, it is packed with families coming from different nearby cities. If you always choose Penang or Kuala Lumpur to enjoy a vacation, then you are missing a great deal of delight in Ipoh. This year, give the bustling cities a skip, and head towards the Ipoh along with your kids to let them have a blast during their holidays. Take a look at the 10 things to do in Ipoh with kids and you will feel compelled to this pleasant town.

The Lost World of Tambun

With a plethora of activities to do, one entire day falls short to explore the theme park of The Lost World of Tambun. Here you can enjoy at the water park, the amusement park, the adventure park, the petting zoo, or just wander in their wild valleys. With numerous rides and slides, kids can have fun splashing in the water. They can cool off in the pristine water pools on hot scorching days during summer. What’s more, the theme park is so designed that it can be enjoyed by one and all.

Funtasy House Trick Art

Head towards this fun place of illusion with your kids and click unique photos that would make memories for years to come. Funtasy House Trick Art is a gallery which has around 20 illusionistic rooms that allow you to have eccentric photo sessions. Laughter and joy is promised at this place where the artists are fun to work with. While entrance for infants aged below 4 years is free, others are allowed in at very reasonable rates. Visit this place to see your kids’ faces light up with delight.

Movie Animation Park Studios

Located some 10 kilometers away from Ipoh, Movie Animation Park Studios is another amusement park which is great to visit with kids. Starting from Ipoh, you can easily reach the park within 20 minutes. With 23 interactive attractions, 15 thrilling rides, and 6 theme zones, kids along with adults are bound to have fun here. Coral Kingdom and Red Baron are two attractions that are a favorite amongst children. After having a blast by enjoying on different rides, you can gorge on food and drinks at the many eateries inside the park.

Gunung Lang Recreational Park

For a fun day-out at a tranquil place, Gunung Lang Recreational Park is the best place to be. Located at a distance of about 5 kilometers away from Ipoh, this park is nestled in greenery. There is a large lake where you can enjoy boating with your children. The prime feature of this park is the man-made waterfall. Kids love to splash water under this cascading fall. Besides, there is also a tot-lot with swings and slides, as well as a few animals including peacock and horses that you can view from a distance.

Garden D.R Seenivasagam

Here is another lush green spacious park in Ipoh, ideal to spend a school holiday picnicking with children. The park has multiple sports fields where kids can engage in a variety of games. The playground here has extensive equipment including see-saw, swings, slides, climbing structures, and much more. The park also features a small, tranquil lake. While the kids burn off their energy running across the large green space, adults can relax under the shaded trees or read a good book.

Cave Temples

Ipoh can be dubbed to be the capital of cave temples in Malaysia. The town is surrounded by limestone cliffs that are packed with caves. A few of these caves have been converted into temples. The caves continue to have fascinating limestone formations and statues of deities. Some of the caves are so large that they need to be explored along the ramps that are well-built. Using these, kids and adults can easily find their way through the interesting caves.

Bukit Merah Orangutan Island

Bukit Merah Orangutan Island is a place dedicated for the conservation of Orangutans. Although the island is about 1 hour away from Ipoh, it is a great place to visit along with kids to enjoy a day-picnic. Watching the Orangutans roaming freely in their natural habitat is a treat to the eyes. The foundation carrying out this noble cause also provides valuable information during the tour. Thus, the visit to this island can also prove to be educational for kids.

Malaysia Geological Museum

A museum is always a great place to observe fascinating artifacts and gain loads of knowledge. And the Malaysian Geological Museum is no exception. Operating since 1957, this museum has exhibitions on dinosaurs, mining, minerals, and a lot more. Through informative boards, the museum provides thorough knowledge to its visitors. The dinosaur and gem exhibits are the most fascinating for kids. Malaysia Geological Museum also invites schools to conduct educational tours of the place.

Local Food

Leaving Ipoh without tasting local food would equal a crime. Kids would love to gorge on the food here as most of the dishes include noodles. Rich in taste, these dishes are also very healthy. A few of the must try food items in Ipoh include Hakka Mee, stuffed eggplants, Chee Cheong Fun, and Kai See Hor Fun. Go restaurant hopping with your children and treat your taste buds.

Street Shopping

Hit the streets of Ipoh and you will find many interesting things to buy here. But what would catch the kids’ attention are the many Pokemon Go merchandise. You will see children bouncing about on the streets looking at their favorite toys. Ipoh streets are definitely better to wander around than malls when you are with your kids.

As the school holidays are approaching, it is time to pack your bags and get set to visit Ipoh with children. Plan an itinerary that would let you enjoy along with your kids to the optimum.