More and more people choose to work remotely from home rather than to find a 9-to-5 job in an office. If you’re interested in starting a job as a freelancer, here are 4 places where you can find remote jobs that you can do from the comfort of your house:

People per Hour

People per Hour is a freelancing platform that caters to more than a million users all over the world. Since 2007, People per Hour has connected freelancers with clients looking for talents to complete jobs in design, web and mobile development, writing and translation, video, photo and audio production, business support, administrative assistance, marketing and social media, and software development.  People per Hour is a great place to start finding freelancing jobs and to build your portfolio as a freelancer.


Reddit in and of itself is a universe. Reddit users create what are called sub-reddits to talk about different topics of conversation. Whether it’s about films and celebrities, science and conspiracy theories, sports and cars, beauty and fashion, there’s a dedicated sub-reddit for it. Reddit is also a great place to find freelancing jobs. For example, the sub-reddit /r/forhire is a place where employers can post job offers (Hiring) and freelancers can post about themselves and their expertise (For Hire). There are a lot of different jobs on this sub-reddit. These include but are not limited to writing jobs, web development, animation, and marketing. Note also that there are other sub-reddits where freelancers like you can find remote jobs on the website.


Toptal is more of a niche website. It offers jobs in software development, design, and finance. If you’re expertise is in one of these fields, then Toptal is a great place to find remote jobs that you can do from home. You’ll also be impressed with the clients that Toptal has served. Their lineup includes Airbnb, J.P. Morgan and Pfizer. However, the competition here might be a bit difficult for someone who’s just starting out. Toptal proudly claims that they only hire the top 3% of freelancers. Therefore, this website might be a better fit for those who already have experience. If not, it’s best to build a portfolio somewhere else first, although it also won’t kill you to try applying.


Upwork is the result of the merging of two freelancing websites, ODesk and Elance. Just like People per Hour, there are a lot of freelancing jobs available in Upwork. These include projects in web and mobile app development, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, administrative help, etcetera. Currently, Upwork hosts about a million jobs annually, with freelancers collectively earning more than a billion dollars each year. However, getting a job as a freelancer in Upwork isn’t as easy as it used to be when Elance and ODesk were still two separate entities. With more and more freelancers applying to the website, the process of getting in is more difficult. Like Toptal, you need experience before you can become a freelancer in Upwork.

People per Hour, Reddit, Toptal and Upwork offer amazing jobs to freelancers. However, there are still a lot of freelancing websites out there, so make sure that you do research and find the place that will best showcase your skills and talents.