In this age of digitization, travelers seldom resort to keeping a travel diary or a journal. Every experience or a memory is captured in phones and cameras, while it is a smart thing to do, here are some of the reasons that will encourage the travelers in maintaining a travel journal.

  1. Writing gives a better feeling of satiety.

It is easy to capture the pictures on smart phones and DSLR but describing the picture and its beauty by writing about gives a great satisfaction.

  1. Gives an opportunity to be creative.

Writing is an art. Trying to pen your thoughts about the place, people, culture will trigger the creative side of you. Drawing doodles, sketching, writing your own travel quotes is so refreshing!

  1. The travel diary will become your favorite book to read.

If you just ran out of good books to read, just grab your travel dairy and go page by page, cherishing the memories and content you created with your own hands.

  1. The diary acts as your guide.

The next time you decide to take a trip to the same destination, the diary as your guide. It already has all the information you need.

  1. The Travel dairy is an excellent gift.

A well maintained, beautiful travel diary which is customized and handwritten by you becomes a great gift to give your friends and family. The attractive looking diary, filled with your travel experiences will be the most treasured present.

Sometimes, it is better to resort to conventional ways for happiness and satisfaction. There is something extra ordinary about opening a beautiful crisp notebook and writing at the top: Day 1 of my trip! A travel dairy will be one of your most precious possessions. However, considering the fact that we cannot keep ourselves away from the digital world for a long time, once you are done writing your diary, how about a fun game of bingo? Play bingo online at UK’s favorite site, GameVillage.