Lake Como is indeed worth a visit. Moreover, if you are keen to learn about Italian history and love being amidst the beautiful nature, then you must make a trip to the beautiful region of the lake. Lago di Como is the most popular of Italian Lakes. Shaped like an inverted Y, it is dotted with charming resort villages, and surrounded by mountains. Look for holiday rentals on Lake Como and enjoy the liveliest lake. It really is a matter of preference for those who want to enjoy the rental experience. It feels great to walk to the market in the morning, do the groceries and make your own food. Spend the evening gazing at those stunning views and drinking wine in your very own garden.

Lake Como

Lake Como region has fast become one of the most holiday destinations of Europe. It is a magnet for all kinds of holidaymakers, young and old, local or tourists. You will find people coming here to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature as well as adventurists who are busy hiking, cyclizing and participating in water sports. The dreamy place is dotted with lakeshore restaurants and picturesque Victorian gardens. Lake Como has plenty for everyone to see, explore and enjoy. There are tranquil gardens nestled among pine forests and a mountain range as the backdrop. There are lots of eateries and shopping areas in Como so, it is a charming town to walk around. It is the most picturesque travel destination for couples.

Here are five good reasons as to why you must make a visit to the Lake Como.

  1. For the lake itself
    Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and is lined with dozens of quaint towns and villages on its shores. Located at the edge of the Alps and tucked into a series of hills, you will simply love the vibrant blue water. Gaze at those ferries carrying locals and tourists across the lake. You will find dozens of speedboats, yachts, sailboats, and kayaks dotting the vast blue lake. Take a boat to appreciate the surrounding town and villas. The Lake Como is historically alive, and the laid-back atmosphere of the city carries a rich history as it was a favorite retreat since Roman times. The views of the Lake Como are mesmerizing. You can sit by the lake at your favorite restaurant and watch the sun go down.
  2. For the delicious food
    Lake Como surprises you when it comes to food. Well, this is Italy and food differs from region to region. Enjoy the best and freshest polenta, veal, risotto, truffles, fish and Bolognese in the city of Como. Enjoy an exceptional luxurious dining experience in the growing food scene at the city of Como. Don’t forget to try the Italian hot chocolate on cooler mornings and nights a nearby café. You will get the option of choosing from different varieties of pasta and hand-made, wood-fired pizzas. Keep in mind that all Italians take a break between lunch and dinner, so the restaurants are closed before 2 pm or after 5 pm.
  3. For the prettiest towns
    Lake Como minutes away from some of the prettiest towns and is really a gateway to the other towns that are often missed. Como is more prominent when compared to other towns and you will love its charming atmosphere, Take the funicular up to Brunate and visit the Silk Museum. Visit Varenna to enjoy those sweeping views, and gardens of Villa Monastero. Bellagio is known for its pricey boutiques and elegant restaurants. Tremezzo is famous for Villa Carlotta, a gigantic garden that spreads across 14 expansive acres. Cernobbio is peaceful and lilies towards the Northwest of Como. Its luxury hotels are a magnet for the rich and famous. Lenno is another picture perfect estate and a romantic place with the landscaped grounds. Menaggio is a laid-back town and provides lots of entertainment as one can go hiking and cycling in the hills. You can stay at Como and plan a day trip or a weekend getaway to any of these peaceful towns. Meet the local, savor their local delicacies and get familiar with their culture.
  4. Value for money and Celebrity spotting
    Lake Como may be a favorite haunt for the rich and famous but is well within reach of all kind of travelers. If you make some effort, you can easily book cheaper and affordable tours what are well within your price range. Moreover, when you get to spot celebrities such as George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna and Gianni Versace, your day is made. The celebrities often come here as most of them have their holiday homes here in Lake Como.
  5. The Perfect Climate and stunning scenery
    Lake Como has the most significant weather in Europe, and the weather is just perfect year-round. During summers, the temperature hovers around 25 C degrees. End of March is considered perfect in terms of weather and the costs. It is indeed the most beautiful place with stunning scenery all around. Those beautiful Italian country villas offer mesmerizing views of the lake and mountains. There is a lot more to the region than just the sparkling Lake Como. The beautiful snow-capped Alpine mountains and the stunning architecture of the town are sure to keep you captivated for days. You can spend the summers relaxing on a sun-lounger and sipping on cocktails. During winters, you can take scenic walks and make boat trips.