Back in the day, owning a car used to be the dream, regardless of anyone’s background. It was the ultimate independence status and one that also reflected taste, personality, and affinity. However, times have changed, and with transportation being such a broad spectrum of choices, more and more people are choosing car services, more specifically Uber, as opposed to buying cars themselves. The reasons are important, logical and listed below:


  1. Not having to buy a car. This first point is obvious, but putting a down payment and committing to paying a car is a serious thing to consider, not to mention expensive. On the other hand, using Uber allows the consumer to spend as much money as he or she can at any given time. If for some reason a person stops making car payments, the car is seized. With Uber, one will never be without a ride.


  1. Insurance, insurance, insurance. In addition to making car payments, it is legally required for every driver int he United States to at least have third-party insurance. Rates for this are not cheap, especially for young drivers under the age of twenty-five, who are still technically considered beginners and therefore charged more. Average payments usually range from $100 to $200 a month, which can easily be used to catch many rides on Uber.


  1. Not risking losing a valuable asset. By having a car, any human is at risk of losing it, especially with all the road accidents there are nowadays. Losing a car would imply a significant cost, and mechanic or repair shops are never cheap, especially when insurance won’t cover specific accidents or mistakes. On the other hand, if an Uber crashes, the passenger does not worry about the car and gets taken care of medically by the company.


  1. Car depreciation is a thing. Every day that goes by after buying a car, the car is simply losing value. If a person invests, for example, thirty-thousand dollars in a car, it’s likely that a year from its purchase it will be worth twenty-five thousand dollars or less. On the other hand, placing money like that on a strong investment account can provide a profit.


  1. Parking. Wherever a car goes, it must get parked. In most of America, especially big cities, parking spaces are very expensive to pay for. There are places where paying a quarter will only buy seven minutes of parking. Using an Uber helps completely disappear this cost. In addition, parking also takes time. For people who value their time, it’s essential to spend it wisely, so instead of spending extra time looking for a slot, it is better to call a car service and forget the whole concept of parking.


  1. Comfort. While owning a car has certain appeals, it is most definitely more comfortable to ride an Uber than drive. People can sit back, relax, read, scroll through their phones, watch videos and be entertained in many more manners while using an Uber, unlike when riding their own cars.


These reasons are strong points that go to show: Uber is amazing!