People have the misconception that TikTok is only meant for teenagers to post funny videos. However, celebrities, influencers, and even politics have downloaded the application to use it as a business opportunity, as it’s currently the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. Tiktok marketing has become one of the best tools to include in the marketing strategy, and today, you’ll be learning all the basics on how to get started!

Setting Up Your Profile

After downloading the application and creating your account, the next step is to set up your profile. This includes filling out your bio section, which is the part of your page that affects the first impression viewers will get of you and your business. You want it to be short, to the point, yet something that catches people’s attention.

Get to Know the App

Now, if you want to create engaging content, you have to master the app. TikTok includes tons of features and effects to help enhance your videos. Explore the kinds of tools, filters, effects, and sounds that the app has to offer and experiment with them.

Create Original Content 

Once you’ve learned the ropes of TikTok, before you get started on creating your content, check out your competition. Create a list of active users on TikTok and see what videos of theirs have the most views and TikTok likes and try to draw inspiration from them.

But don’t copy their videos—always try to add your own original touch to your TikTok marketing campaign in order to stand out!

Hashtag Research

Hashtags are important so pay attention to the hashtags that your competitors use on TikTok. These hashtags are used to reference content within the platform. So, any hashtags that your competitors use are the ones that you should be using as well!

Check Out What’s Trending

There are tons of different trends going viral on TikTok every week! From crazy challenges to funny lip-syncs. Don’t be afraid to use these trends to promote your brand, no matter how incompatible it may seem with your product. 

Some challenges or trends are a bit odd to use for certain business purposes, but if you think outside of the box enough, there is a way to use that trend to promote yourself. Adapt the trend to your brand, your content, your style, and your tone of voice.

Always try to hop on a trend—these challenges get millions and millions of views, and that is exactly what will help widen out your audience. 

Get Started With TikTok Marketing

The best part of using TikTok marketing is the fun of it all. It’s relatively simple, and it forces you to be creative. Follow these TikTok marketing tips, and remember to keep yourself posted on what’s new, what’s trending, and keep your profile updated with fresh content to captivate more and more followers!

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