Mental Health

If you asked your friends how they were feeling physically they would be able to tell you right off the bat every issue they have and everything they feel. If however you were to ask people about their mental health, most aren’t as forthcoming with how they have been feeling mentally, or issues which they may have. A good friend of mine works with a mental wellbeing company called Amare Global, and they have been trying to encourage more people to get in touch with their mental health and identify when they are feeling good and bad, and here is why it is so important.

Danger of Silence

One of the worst things that someone with mental health issues can do is to stay quiet and although it is incredibly difficult to open up, it is important that people do this. The first step therefore is to try and focus on your own mental health, how you feel from day to day and learning to talk more about what you are feeling and why. Very often people can feel alone with their thoughts and that nobody can relate to them, but once you start opening up to people you’ll find that this isn’t the case at all.

Tantamount to Physical Health

Over the last 2 decades we have made huge strides in our approach to mental health and one of the most important lessons which we have learned is that mental health is just as important as physical health. Although we are beginning to treat it differently there are still a great many people who don’t give sufficient focus to both. They will be working hard in the gym, eating in the right way to ensure that their body is in great condition, but they will fail to give sufficient attention to their mental state and the things around them which can have a negative impact.

High Pressure

In this world we live in there is exorbitant amounts of pressure, socially especially, and this can cause many of us to feel pretty lousy. Another important factor to consider is that we have more information going into our minds than ever before and that puts a huge burden on the brain and its ability to function well and process such large amounts of data. It is absolutely essential that in the social media and digital age that we give our brains the break and the support which they need. Failure to do this will have an affect on your overall mental health, something which we have to start taking better care of.

We have seen a rise in depression, a rise in those who have succumbed to depression and mental health issues is something that is facing a wide number of people across a variety of demographics. Look after your mental health in the same way as you do your physical health, talk about your feelings and embrace your own mental wellbeing.