I feel very fortunate that I was able to study at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts after leaving high school and it was an experience which really gave me so much that I have to be thankful for. I had some friends who also wanted to study performing arts but their parents wouldn’t let them, they believed that studying this was a flight of fancy rather than a real education, and they had to go elsewhere and study more traditional topics. It is for this reason that I want to write today about the benefits of studying performing arts, key skills and attributes which will stay with students for a lifetime.


There is a common misconception that anybody who is in performing arts is a confident person but this just isn’t the case. In fact in my experience we are some of the shyest people, who have learned how to show ourselves when we are on stage. This was certainly the case for me and it was only during my time at AMDA that I really came out of my shell. The reason for this was because I was surrounding by people who were just like me, at school this wasn’t the case and that was why I didn’t have much confidence. After my time at AMDA I have become a far more confident person.

Work Ethic

Those parents of my friends who felt that studying performing arts would be like a holiday camp couldn’t have been more wrong and I learned more about hard work during my time at college than I ever could have imagined. Whether you are doing an artistic performance or creating something, the level of work which you have to put in is incredible. In fact I had friends at both med school and law school who claimed that I worked harder than they did. My time at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts made me realize just how hard I had to work for what I wanted and they have instilled a brilliant work ethic in me.


The best quality that I take away from my time at AMDA is my resilience, this is a very tough course to study which will leave you facing disappointment after disappointment. This is a fiercely competitive industry and this is why we are made to feel bad sometimes when our work isn’t good enough, because that is exactly what will happen in the real world. In the past I would have faced a setback and allow it to dictate how I acted in the following days, after my time at AMDA however I know that I can easily face rejection, learn from it and go right back to work.

Don’t think that performing arts is all fun and games, it is a very tough topic to study which will give you many gifts and improve who you are as a person.