No one can stay truly young forever. Even though with age comes a certain grace, looking young isn’t merely about looking good. It’s a reflection of good health and good personal care, which are even more important than physical looks. Wrinkles are usually a sign that the years are catching up with us, but luckily, there are several ways to stay as wrinkle-free as possible.

Regulate your weight

Excess weight has plenty of negative effects on the body, and the skin is no exception. Avoiding excess weight gain is important for staying vital at any age. Weight gain has a specific effect on sub-mental fat, which is the area right below the chin. It can cause severe wrinkles after a while, so consider using several methods to keep that weight in check.

Eat less sugar

Sugary food can have a drastic effect on the skin. Eating sugar often and in large quantities has potentially devastating effects on the body. It causes the skin to lose firmness, to dry up, and to wrinkle and break if sugar is an excessive part of a person’s diet. Consider a balanced healthy diet, and to eat as little sugar as possible.

Constantly hydrate

Often overlooked and underappreciated, drinking water has a fantastic effect on the whole body. In a world with plenty of artificial drinks, water can really make your skin look incredibly useful. Never allow yourself to feel too thirsty if you can’t help it. While everyone has different hydration needs depending on their body, it’s a good idea to always have a bottle of water handy around you to take a sip or two.

Don’t underestimate the sun

The sun may give life, but it can cause severe problems to the skin when it’s overexposed to it. Avoiding sunburns is a must, as repeat sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer. Whenever you’re going to be under the open sun for extended periods of time, always make sure to take the necessary precautions. Dress appropriately to protect yourself from the sun, and always use sunscreen when you can.

Develop a proper routine for skincare

With the number of creams available, it’d be a shame not to utilize them. Good skincare is arguably the most essential part of having good skin. It allows you to always look youthful and healthy, and you’d be surprised what 15 minutes of care will do your skin, especially the area around the eyes. That’s why you have to make sure to find the best eye cream for wrinkles. It should an essential part of your routine.

Never tan

Tanning might look appealing for some, but it’s actually one of the unhealthiest things you can voluntarily do to your skin. It prematurely ages your skin everything you do it, and it degrades the skin’s look and feels. It should be a big no-no for everyone.

Wrinkles might be inevitable in the long run, but they can absolutely be delayed. With proper care, even wrinkles can look gracefully and elegant on a skin that’s been properly taken care of.