Pickup truck

Drivers choose pickup trucks for their utility. Their large beds offer unmatched carrying capacity for construction, farming camping, or any job or recreation event requiring you to carry loads of gear or tools. Occasionally you need to hide items from prying eyes or protect them from the elements; in those cases, pickup truck bed covers can do the trick. Of the available bed-cover types, tri fold options may offer the right combination of security and moisture protection. The following overview should give you a feel as to whether these versatile covers are right for you in both regards.

Cover Types

Before deciding if a tri fold tonneau cover is the bed cover that checks all the boxes for your needs, you need to compare it to other covers. A few other choices are worth considering:

  • Hinged, hard, one-piece
  • Retractable or roll-up aluminum
  • Soft folding or rollup
  • One-piece snap-on covers

Researching the available options will give you an indication as to which will work best under the circumstances you will subject it to. One caveat: As is the case with custom car floor mats, whatever cover you choose should be sized to fit your particular truck model.

Tri Fold Cover Know-How

Tri folds are popular bed-cover choices because they offer versatile functionality. Like all cover types, they cover the entire truck bed, concealing and protecting all contents. At the same time, they can be partially unfolded, giving you access to some items without exposing all your contents. Most practically, you can unfold them entirely so that the whole bed is exposed. These lightweight covers are manufactured in both soft and hard configurations; soft covers will not provide the same security as hard ones since they can be cut open.

Water Protection

Because you hope to secure your gear against rain, you may wonder to what extent a tri fold cover does so. These covers are water-resistant to a great degree. The extent that a particular cover keeps water out depends in part on how well it fits and the material used in its construction. A soft folding cover clamped to the bed directs water down the truck’s side panels. The panels of hard tri fold covers are secured to a frame that fits the bed, a feature that enhances water resistance. Some hardcover pieces have an additional vinyl cover that increases their moisture resistance.

Other Elements

Mother nature can try to wreak havoc on your gear in ways other than pelting it with rain. A folding cover will also block sun and dust, either of which can damage your bed’s contents. A soft cover is sufficient for these duties. On the other hand, cold-climate truck owners may have to deal with snow. Because accumulated snow can be quite heavy, if you live in a northern climate then you may lean toward the stiffer hardcover tri fold.

In any case, like selecting custom all weather floor mats, your tri fold cover choice is a personal one. You just have to be certain your candidates are designed for your particular truck. By researching appropriately, you can find the cover that keeps your gear clean, weather guarded and secure over years of use.