This year has seen more businesses jump online than ever before and since the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown hit, it makes perfect sense that this would happen. Now many of those businesses were not able to invest money in their online marketing which is why we have seen so many seek to use the likes of Facebook to garner more clients and customers. Sadly however, this is not easy to get right and this is why marketing gurus like Ayden Hector have been seeking to help out small businesses through offering advice about what their Facebook content should look like, and here are some tips which could help you to get more customers. 

The Problem 

In an ideal world, everything which you upload to Facebook would be seen by all of those who have liked your page. Sadly however Facebook has an algorithm which it uses in order to give people the best possible content, and this means that they may not decide that all of you content is worthwhile. This means that you have to ensure that you are creative and informed when it comes to uploading the content. 

Content Quality 

Before you start posting it is essential that the content which you are providing is of high quality. Ask yourself what you are offering the viewer with your content. Each upload which you make to social media should offer something to the user be it information, humor, opinion or a promotion. The key will be to ensure that you have spent time on your photos and videos so that they are of the highest quality. 


Ultimately what you are looking for with your content here is to engage the viewer, to pique their interest and to create content which they are going to want to like or comment on, or even share. In order to do this best you should look to create calls to action occasionally with your content. A call to action is where you are asking the reader to do something, perhaps to vote or to comment on the post. Something which is absolutely critical too is that when people do comment on your content, that you take the time to comment back. This will increase the likelihood of your content being seen by a wider variety of people. 

Mixing It Up 

And finally when it coms to creating high quality content it is absolutely essential that you are able to completely mix things up with regards to what you post. For example you should look to upload an image, and then a video, and then written content, multiple times throughout the day. Here you should also look to mis up the times of your post so  that you can find out what hours see the most engagement, and then stick to them going forward. 

Your focus should be on high quality content which is posted in the right format and which asks for something from readers, focus on the quality of your content above everything else.