For my colleague Benjamin Westover Idaho has long been his sanctuary, the place where he can hike in nature and forest about it all. It was Benjamin in fact who introduced me to the hiking routes in Idaho and I have followed him on some amazing trips throughout the wilderness here. Throughout the years we have ran into a number of fellow hikers who have had problems and each and every time that  this happens it is because they have not taken the time to prepare properly for safety.

When you are hiking there are dangers whether we like it or not and it is essential that we focus on taking security measures when we go hiking, and here is what you should be focusing on ini particular.

Route Planning

If you are going to head off on a long hike then you have to consider what route you are taking and then share that information with someone who is not coming on the hike with you. The reason behind this is simple, should you fail to return then the person who is back home can alert the emergency services to your whereabouts.

First Aid Kit

It is amazing how many people we see on the trail who do not even have a basic first aid kit with them. This is an absolute essential which you must consider when you are heading off hiking. It it is absolutely possible that you may have an issue when you are hiking, be it a fall or a trip which leaves you hurt or cut. A basic first aid kit can help both you and people who you see on the trail who don’t have their own.

Wearing The Right Shoes

Invariably the people who we see on the trail who have issues are often using the wrong kit. Now if you have the wrong jacket or a jumper which is too big then that is fine, but if you have the wrong shoes on then you will have problems as soon as you set off. It is much more likely that you will trip or fall on the way. If you don’t have an accident then it is also likely that your feet will ache much more after the hike because of the fact that you weren’t wearing the right shoes.

Sun, Sun, Sun

No matter who you are, where you are from or what the color of your skin is, you have to take protection from the sun. Even if it is a cloud day, you still have to protect yourself from the sun. This means creaming up at regular intervals, it also means wearing a hat to protect the top of your head. The heat from the sun can quickly lead to dehydration which can cause you an immense number of problems when you are hiking. It is easy to protect yourself, you just have to make sure that you do it.