Slot Machine

With the continuous rise in demand for slot games, gamers need to know the best slots to play. 2020 has offered gamers a lot of new and exciting games to choose from. Free slots are the most popular type as they give players the chance to earn real money without losing any money – read more at They also allow gamers to practice their slot strategies before committing to a casino site or app. Here are the best free apps to try in 2020.

Drago Jewels of fortune slot

In July 2020, Drago’s Fortune Slot jewels were announced. In this slot, society’s appreciation of supernatural beings and wealth are addressed similarly. Drago jewels of fortune offer a 4800 max multiplier along with 1600 lines. With reels and rows of 5 x 5, this game is a simple yet exciting game for players. The RTP is 96.5%, meaning that the chances of winning the jackpot are good. The house will always have an edge but with such a high RTP, it would be wrong not to give this slot a try. This slot is available online and on mobiles from free casino sites. The bonus round also gives gamers free chances to win real money.

Mega Moolah

The success of the mega moolah slot is primarily due to its free spin’s bonus. Any online casino slot that offers free spins is a great slot to play in 2020. What makes this slot even more appealing and popular is its jackpot. Five years ago, a very lucky British gamer broke the record for the highest ever slot pay-out. He won a staggering £13,209,300 from playing Mega Moolah. The RTP is slightly lower than the ideal 90% at 88.12%. However, this is still a good edge and with the chance of being the next millionaire, it is worth the risk. Since its initial release 14 years ago it has remained popular. The minimal bet of £0.01 draws gamers in alongside the incredible potential winnings. Although this isn’t completely a free game, the free spins are great and give gamers the chance to win money for free.

Deal or no deal lightning spins

I found this slot on an online casino site and I have loved playing it. The success of slots coincides with the entertainment industry. By combining the entertainment world and online gaming, slots have been unstoppable. Gamers now get the chance to experience their favourite TV show or film in the form of an online slot. There are thousands of different themed online slots that relate to the entertainment industry. The reason I chose this one as it’s free and a classic. Who wouldn’t want to try and beat the banker from the comfort of their own home? The lighting spin is revealed after you finish playing Deal or no deal slot. When 6 money scatters symbols show gamers have the chance to win an additional jackpot.