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Online slots now feature so many different elements to make players experience as enthralling and thrilling as it can be. With all these features it is hard to keep track of which one does what, but there is one that stands out. Ask any seasoned iGamer what the best feature of slot gaming is, and we are almost certain you will hear back, free spins – claim your Spin Samurai welcome bonus today.

Suddenly landing a load of free spins and getting to lie back and watch the reels spin is a feeling unlike anything else. Winning real money through simply activating a bonus item seems too good to be true, but this article will take you through it and tell you the best slots for free spins. 

What Exactly are Free Spins?

Online casinos offer sometimes multiple free spins when you trigger a bonus during a game. This means you have the ability to then play the slots, without risking any of your cash. It is also a helpful time to practice your slot skills. Usually, free spins are a welcoming gift, but many online casinos offer them in-game now as well. 

The Best Slots out there for Free Spins

1. Samurai Split

         (480 Free Spins)

         Samurai Split has provided the most possible free spins for a long time. With 25 paylines, players have a chance of landing themselves a huge amount of free spins. A fun theme and    cool graphics accompany this tantalising opportunity. 

2. Siberian Storm

         (240 Free Spins)

         This is a really great slot, with a winnable 240 free spins, you will be entertained for hours. Coupled with the unique theme and you have a great game on your hands. 

3. Cleopatra

         (180 Free Spins)

         With 5 reels and 20 paylines, Cleopatra offers up a challenging yet very fulfilling playing  experience. You will start with just 15 free spins, but gradually you are able to add more to that an eventually hit the maximum of 180. 

4. Fortunes of Sparta

         (100 Free Spins)

         Voted the best free spin slot in 2018, this game boasts awesome graphics and a fun theme as well as 100 winnable free spins. What isn’t to love? 

5. Kronos Slot

         (100 Free Spins)

         Even though this slot is a little older, it still contains enough excitement to rival the younger slots of today. With 20 paylines and 100 possible free spins, there is a lot to love. 

6. Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

         (100 Free Spins)

         If you happen to win 100 free spins on this slot, you can almost be certain you are about to get an awesome payout. 

7. Mystic Dragon

         (100 Free Spins)

         With great bonuses and modern graphics there is a lot to love here, not to mention the potential 100 free spins. 

Wagering Requirements

It is important to be aware of wagering requirements when hoping to secure yourself some free spins. If you have not wagered the right amount, you may not be liable for the free spins that casinos can offer. Do your research into your favorite slot or online casino, to double-check what you need to do to give yourself the best chance of landing some freebies.