Plane Travel

It’s been a while since you’ve stepped foot on a plane, and you feel a bit nervous about going through the flying process for business in the next few weeks. The fact that you are currently navigating the global COVID-19 pandemic makes your situation that much more complicated and nerve wracking. However, it is possible to travel like a professional even when you’re a novice flier. Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, recently shared in an article what savvy work travelers do to make the most of their trips.


According to Brian Ferdinand in the recent article, expert business travelers have learned how to develop routines for themselves. For instance, they pack in certain ways. They also book certain airplane seats, and they find ways of quickly getting to the front of any check-in line for the hotel.

Aside from developing a routine that works for you, one of the best tips for guaranteeing a positive travel experience is to ship some amenities and snacks to your rental unit ahead of time if you’ll be staying there for a few weeks or months. Small things, such as your favorite brand of tea or coffee, can make even a lengthy business trip feel much more comforting.


When traveling to a distant city, try to stay close to the city’s central area as well. In this way, you can enjoy access to cultural events and convenient food delivery on a regular basis. Corporate housing units are an excellent accommodation option because they are located in urban neighborhoods that allow you to immerse yourself in your destination city’s local area.

Another tip for traveling like a pro is to plan activities not related to work when you get to your destination city. Map out both your weekends and your weekdays to set aside plenty of time for exploring the municipality. Then, if you’re staying in a corporate housing unit, talk to the firm’s service team to get ideas about the top spots to visit locally in your downtime.

Finally, when it comes to flying, be sure to also choose flights that work for your body and your schedule. For instance, skip the red-eye flight if possible, as this will allow you to sleep better and reduce your chances of experiencing cancellations/delays due to having many connections.