I went on my first cruise just over 5 years ago and it was one of the best experiences which I have ever had when traveling. In fact that was the trip when I met the fabulous Captain Alexis Fecteau, who was in charge of the vessel for that particular trip. I have since been on 3 more of Captain Alexis’ ships, and each time I’ve had the most spectacular time. The last time that I went on a cruise with Alexis we were taking about the common myths that surround curse travel, and how many won’t take a cruise for these reasons. For that reason I wanted to write this quick piece debunking those myths.

Full of Old People

One of the first myths which I experienced relating to cruises was that the only people who take them are old, a bizarre thought really. I think this must have come from the 80s when the only people who took on these trips were the elderly, which has certainly changed now. The truth is that these boats are filled with a massively eclectic mix of people and on a cruise you can expect to see people young and old, families, couples and singletons, there is a wide mix of people and I have made some great friends on my cruise trips.


 There are expensive cruises out there and in the beginning these trips were pricey, but that is just not the way any more. There are many budget options for people who want to go on a cruise and much like every other form of travel there are cheap and expensive options regardless of what your budget happens to be. You can find a range of cheap deals and promotions if you do a little bit of digging too.


One thing that you will certainly not be on the ship is bored, cruise ships understand how much time you’ll be spending on deck which is why they offer so much by way of amenities. You’ll find swimming pools, theaters, spas, restaurants, bars, shops and many more facilities on board, which give you more than enough to do as you travel from place to place.

No Time on Land

The length of the cruise will be an indicator as to how much time you have on land but in most cases you get more than enough time to enjoy the main attractions and sights. The whole point of a multi destination cruise is that you see a little sample of many places, rather than just gong to a single location. Your itinerary is clearly laid out before you book the trip, so there is no confusion around this or different expectations. If you want to spend a long time in a  single place then a cruise probably isn’t the best option for you.

These are amazing trips and a great way to travel, forget the myths and give it a try, you’ll love it.