During your years at college there is more than just education for you to get involved with, in fact these years should be about experiencing everything, making friends and enjoying life. Carter Boyle Duke basketball player knows all about this and we have been speaking with him recently about Duke University, what life is like as a university student and why more students should take advantage of the many chances which they have to get involved in sport during their time at college. Carter Boyle is now a senior and he spends time on the Duke University campus trying to get more freshmen involved in sport, and here is why he believes it to be so important.

Making Friends

Making friends can be tough when you first arrive to a new college so it is important that you give yourself every chance to meet like-minded people. Most sports are team-based which means that you can quickly form a part of this team and count on the support and friendship of your teammates. For Carter Duke basketball team gave him this opportunity and he says that around 60% of his college friends were made during his time with the team.


When you start living on your own for the first time it is easy to start eating rubbish and overdoing it when it comes to partying. It is important that you have balance in your life which is why doing sports at the college can be so beneficial. Most teams will train twice or thrice per week, as well as having games on a weekly basis. This training and exercise will help you to keep yourself in good shape during your time at college, and at the very least it will offset what may be a poor lifestyle in terms of eating and drinking.

Character Building

These years at college are  not just about getting yourself a qualification, they are years which soul provide amazing experiences, the chance to learn more about who you are and a time in your life which helps you to build character. Sport is the ultimate way in which to build character, you will face pressure, competition, important moments and the opportunity to improve. All of these things combined can really help you to grow as a person and be more equipped for heading out in the real world. Team building alone can help you immeasurably and you will grow as a person as a result of getting involved in sports.


Being part of a sports team can also help you to own your identity, you can use this as a purpose during your time at college and away from studying it can give you real impetus during your time at college.

Whether it is track, football, or basketball like Carter Duke, taking part in sports at college is something which you should certainly try out.