If you have dreams of one day becoming a DJ then this post is for you and here we are going to share with you some top tips which you will need to get started and to become the best DJ that you can. We have the amazing DJ Rama with us who is going to use his experience in this industry to try and help get the best out of you. This is going to be a long road but one which is very rewarding and a hell of a lot of fun. Without further ado then, let’s check out some top tips.


In the beginning it really doesn’t matter what kind of equipment that you have, as long as it plays the music without scratching the vinyl and that the sound quality is good. All you need is two turntables, a mixer, a pair of headphones, and some speakers. You can get all of the great high tech equipment later on down the line, right now it is just about getting started in learning your craft.

Beats and Beats

Beat matching is one of the trickiest things to learn, but once you have it you will be able to mix just about any genre of music with another. The biggest tip here is to just keep counting, count the beats in 8s and this will help you to mix and match various styles of music. Forget about scratching or cutting for now, the key to unlocking your abilities as a DJ is in your ability to match those beats.

Music Choice

Something which DJ Rama is very keen to enforce is that you should never play music which you think people are going to enjoy. Being a DJ is about  you feeling passionate about what you do and in order to feel that passion you have to play  the music that you love, not others. No matter whether it is dead metal, trance, hip-hop or acid house, whatever you are in to should be the music that you learn to play.

Make Mix Tapes

When you are deep in the set it can be hard to really gauge how well it sounds on the whole, which is why it s always a great idea to make mixtapes of the sets that you are playing. Make the tape and then listen to it back, taking notes about which songs worked best with which, any mistakes which you made when switching the music and generally how the set feels on the whole.


If you are sure about doing this then you are going to seriously have to put the hours in to hone your craft and to get yourself ready to take on gigs and clubs. Spend every available minute that you have in practicing your abilities and your sets, the more work you put in now, the better that you will get once you finally get given your chance to shine.