your own business

If given the opportunity to start your own business, will you take that chance?

For many individuals, having their own business is a dream come true. For others, they are not willing to take the risk that is involved

So, would starting your own business make sense?

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Such a Decision

In deciding if your own business is the right call for you, weigh the pros and cons.

These include:


1. Independence – Have you always liked the idea of being your own boss? If so, having your own business is the way to go about this. Not having to report to someone day after day can be a great feeling. You get to make important decisions as they relate to your professional life. Yes, there can be some stress in this (see below) but the rewards can be great.

2. Finances – The ability to make money and be set up for a comfortable life and retirement can be appealing. That said you may need a little financial shot in the arm to get going. If so, take the time to do some research on loans for startups. Getting a startup loan can be exactly what you need to get your small business dreams off the ground. In shopping for such a loan, take your time. Review as many providers as you feel necessary before selecting one. Go over their history, terms, customer service and more. Before you know it, you can have the funds you need to start a business. That is one that could be your bread and butter for many years to come.

3. Contributions – It can be a good feeling knowing you are contributing to society. That is with whatever your small business has to offer consumers. This means not only consumers buying from you, but also those individuals you employ. Knowing you are helping others is something you can look back on one day and smile about.

4. Schedule – Last; remember talking about independence? Yes, being your own small business owner means you get to set your schedule. Instead of being stuck on a freeway commuting or having a graveyard shift you hate, you set the schedule.


1. Responsibility – With responsibility working for someone, double or triple that being your boss. That said you need to decide how much responsibility you can handle as time goes by. Being your own boss means you’re the person others turn to. Can you handle having to deal with all that?

2. Experience – Even if rather savvy to run your own business, can you cover everything that to come at you? As an example, what if there are technology issues with your Internet or other areas of work? Can you fix those on your own? If not, you will have to call someone in. In many corporate settings, there is IT help readily available. Making sure you can cover all your bases is important.

If starting your own business makes sense, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

When you do, you may well look at it as one of the greatest accomplishments in your life.