The brain is the one area of medicine which we have made giant advancements in, yet still know very little about the true power and capacity which this organ has. The brain is the driving force behind everything we do, every decision which we make and every thought which we have. The brain is also at the center of a great many illnesses and diseases, many of which we still don’t understand. There are some true experts in the world of brain research, people like neuropsychologist Dr. Curtis Cripe who has dedicated his life to helping us learn more about this major organ. There are more roles than just this which look into this area of medicine, and here are some other careers which focus on the behaviors and functions of the brain.


Psychologists study the psyche which includes the brain as a physical organ and the mind and its inner workings. This profession plays a key role in helping people to deal with a wide range of behavioral issues as well as looking into trauma, memory and basic motor skills. To become a psychologist it is vital that the you have a keen eye for science and once you reach university level you will then specialize in learning how to gain your degree in this branch of medicine.


This is a career choice which only the very best minds can take on and only those with an incredible degree of intelligence and understanding of the human body can become a neurosurgeon. To be honest the work that these men and women do on the brain is simply stunning and their precision and accuracy in both their assessment of the brain and the way in which they perform in surgery is the reason why this is often considered as the most difficult of all surgical positions. This is a position which requires a high level of knowledge and skill, one without the other is not good enough. When operating on the brain the slightest error or slip can result in horrific consequences. It is however these men and women who are trying out new techniques and treatment methods which are helping us to understand more and more about the brain and its functions. Trial procedures and research is often spearheaded by neurosurgeons, and the world becomes a better place as a result.


Whereas psychology looks at the behaviors of the mind and the psyche, neuropsychology delves deeper into the mechanics behind the way we feel, think and act. These professionals spend time look for the root cause and solution of an issue through medical means, whereas a pure psychologist will look at the issues using behavioral assessments and treatments. You will need a medical license in order to practice neuropsychology and it is a long road of education and experience before you can operate in this field.

Is the brain something which interests you? Perhaps you could try one of these positions.