coaching others

Being a successful coach is never easy. There are so many things that have to be taken into account. The truth is that most coaches use the same strategies over and over again. German Trujillo Manrique claims that because all people are different, there is no strategy or technique that is proven to work in every single case. This is why, as a coach that really wants to help as many people as possible, you should be aware of the following tips.

Be Sure You Understand What Coaching Actually Is

Most managers incorrectly assume different things about coaching. This is why managers should always use consistent and clear coaching models. At the same time, they need to understand why they coach and how to coach. Managers need to clearly distinguish between coaching, bossing, therapy, training and counseling in order to implement the best possible strategies, those that actually work.

Check Your Personal Perspective On People

The manager that sees the potential of people is a lot better when coaching. Those that judge people based on current or past performance or that simply thinks people are limited will not be able to achieve optimal staff performance. The well-coached, engaged employee is always going to outperform the one that is mismanaged by the weaker boss.

Learn And Then Practice A Proven Coaching Model

Only use coaching models that are proven and research-based. Remember the fact that taking a seminar on coaching is quite different than actually doing coaching work. Developing the skills you need takes a lot of time. It can be seen as being similar to working out. You cannot go through a boot camp and expect to look great. When you acquire the business coaching knowledge you need, continuous application is needed.

Engage The Boss

One of the really common and damaging coaching roadblocks is lack of support from upper management. The same thing can be said about lack of engagement. It is important to prove that coaching has benefits and you track ROI to properly engage the boss. Whenever engagement appears from all organization levels, it is easier to implement proper coaching. This is what helps you to achieve superior results and great traction.

Value And Understand Personal Differences

As you coach employees, remember the fact that every single person has communication styles and different motivators. You need to learn team styles so that communication can be adapted based on the listener. As an example, when there is a person that is slower to respond or speak, give them the time that is needed and the process necessary instead of randomly offering suggestions in an attempt to help. The most effective coaches always adapt to the people that are coached, their needs and styles.

Prioritize Available Time

The last thing that needs to be highlighted is that coaching can be due to different circumstances and needs and can happen in various ways. Sometimes there is a need to go through more intensive sessions while in other cases not much is needed. With this in mind, be sure that coaching times are properly planned. At the same time, you should know exactly when enough coaching was invested.