uganda safari

 A safari is always an incredible adventure. There’s just something to special when you’re roaming around pristine and untouched nature, and observing the wonderful animals go about their day. Sometimes they look back, and sometimes they don’t, but they’re always fun to watch – and a safari is just as educational as it’s fun, especially when in Uganda.

Why Uganda

Routinely featured as National Geographic’s top destinations, Uganda is a gorgeous land with unbelievably beautiful sights, amazing animals, and pristine nature that’s impossible to forget about. Every single minute out in the Ugandan wilds is an adventure, and there’s no adventure like a Uganda adventure. With its many natural trails, beautiful Rwenzori Mountains, and even the jewel of Africa that’s the Nile River, it’s impossible to not have a wonderful time in Uganda, especially when on Safari.

What is the Ugandan Safari?

Due to its location in the heart of Africa, there’s an incomparable amount of gorgeous wildlife in Uganda. There’s always a fascinating animal to see, practically any way you look, and while there are no critically endangered species, there are some that are near threatened, or endangered. With many unique animals, like the gorgeous zebra, or the noble giraffe, and the roaming buffalos, there are hundreds of mammals found in the lands on Uganda. What’s also great is that you’ll be constantly surrounded with varied nature, like cultivated apple trees, coffee plantations, wide savannahs, and all around beautiful nature.

When to go on a safari in Uganda

The country of Uganda has arguably the best climate in the entire world. Because the equator runs through the heart of the country, the weather is constantly mild, warm, and it’s great even in the rain season. This means that going on a safari is a year-round affair, as it’s always possible to go on an adventure and roam in the wonderful Ugandan nature to observe its glorious wildlife. While the weather is always good, it’s not always perfect, especially in April and May, but that’s when the safari is most heavily discounted – this doesn’t mean that it’s not a great time to visit, but rather almost not as great as the rest of the year.

Things to do while on a Safari in Uganda

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, there are numerous things to see and do in Uganda. Namely, Uganda is the spot where the river Nile starts flowing through Africa as it exits Lake Victoria, and water rafting on the Nile is one of the best things to for a little variety between safari expeditions. Lake Victoria also offers plenty of unique spots, as it’s the largest lake in Africa, and is considered one of the most beautiful places to see in all of Uganda.

A safari is always an incredible adventure. Uganda is definitely a place to visit all on its own, but couple with the thrill of a safari it definitely becomes something that everybody should do at least once in their lives, because it’s a completely unforgettable experience.