Email Marketing

My small business here in Coconut Creek, Florida is a humble business which has for many years turned a small profit and I have never really had grand plans for the business. This is why I never invested in marketing. Around 3 years ago however, I noticed a downturn in business and realized that it was time to take action. After speaking to my grandson about my options he thought that an email marketing campaign might help so I began to search for a company which could offer it. I found a global company which is actually based here in Coconut Creek, Florida and after reading the eTargetMedia reviews I felt that this would be a perfect fit for my business and decided to give it a try. The results were brilliant and here is why I think that your small business should invest in email marketing.

Return on Investment

I know perfectly well how it is to be a small business owner who doesn’t want to spend money on anything unless it means that they will get something back in return. You will be pleased to hear then that email marketing is the marketing method with the highest return on investment. This is why you should never view such a payment as a cost, but rather an investment which will pay for itself and much more beyond that.


Email marketing is about far more than simply sending out thousands of emails in the hope that something sticks, it is a carefully planned out promotional campaign which sends emails to people who fall within your target demographic. Email marketers use detailed analysis on email users so that they can send emails which will go to people who have already shown an interest in the types products or services which your company offers. This is how they can make sure that they see maximum engagement on the emails.

Brand Awareness

When it comes to creating a brand the size of your business is irrelevant as everyone needs some kind of brand image which will give consumers confidence and a recognizable face of your company. Email marketing is perfect for boosting brand awareness and whether recipients decide to click through the email or not, they will be able to see a snapshot of who you are and what you are all about, perfect for building larger visibility for your brand.

Cost Effective

This form of marketing not only offers you a very strong return on investment, the investment which is needed to launch a campaign like this is also very affordable. This is why this is a marketing campaign which is perfect for small businesses who are looking to grow, they will only need to invest a small amount of money to get the campaign off the ground and when they do they can count on strong returns by way of sales and increased brand awareness.

After my own experience here in Coconut Creek, Florida, I would say that you should most certainly invest in this marketing medium.