Poker cards hold by a lady

Some individuals are very methodical about how they gamble. They do not throw caution to the wind, but apply betting strategies instead. This can cover table games and even slots – check out Bezy Casino. Whether any of them work is open to debate, but in a world of random results, finding a strategy with a high success rate is extremely difficult to achieve. 


Poker is a popular card based game that is played widely throughout the world. A lot of Poker games still take place at casinos and casinos are still the home of many a Poker tournament. If ever there was a gambling game that wasn’t based on random results, it’s Poker. This game is more skill based and even psychology is used and abused to fool and beat opponents. A good hand is just part of the jigsaw here that can lead to victory. An unpredictable Poker face and the ability to exploit the weaknesses of others are also often vital skills employed by outstanding Poker stars that come to the table with a well thought out Poker strategy. 

Table Games 

Table games such as Roulette revolve around the luck of random wheel spins. There are those who spend hours and days looking for patterns in the results. This involves noting thousands of results and examining what number the ball lands on most often. Then you regularly bet on the most common numbers that keep cropping up in the results. The problem with this strategy is that it is very time consuming. It is also easier to do online or at virtual live casino, rather than at a land-based casino. There is a possibility that after all your hard work, you find that no number dominates after all. 

Sports Betting 

Sport betting is still an important element of many online casinos. Some serious gamblers actually just concentrate on sports and nothing else. To even stand a chance of being successful here, you really need to know your chosen sport inside out. Horse racing has many strategic gamblers within it and they study the handicap of horses and know when a hot favourite should be avoided due to the weight burden it has been allocated for certain handicap races. These gamblers also take into consideration the breeding of a horse, the design of the racecourse and the age of the animals they are betting on. 


Blackjack is a simple card based game that is often shrouded in controversy and this is because some individuals are exceptional at keeping track of the cards. This is also known as card counting. It is not illegal to count cards as an individual, but if you are caught with a card counting device or are part of a card counting gang, then you can face prosecution. 


When it comes to random results, slots win hands down. However, despite all slot spins being produced randomly, there are those who use the RTP or Return To Player percentage of a slot, as part of their strategy and the only play slots with high RTP scores.