inspirational people

We often look to famous people when we bring to find people who can inspire us but in reality, this shouldn’t always be the case and there are often people in our own close circle who could inspire us. For me it has always been one of my closest friends Girish Navani who gives me the most inspiration and he is a constant source of motivation for me. He won’t mind me saying just how much I respect him and in most aspects of my life it has been his inspiration which has helped me to be a better person. Here is why Girish Navani has been able to inspire me so much.


Girish Navani has a very difficult childhood and to be completely honest I am so proud of how much he has grown and how he has taken life by the horns, when he could see easily have gone the other way. I won’t go into details of course but my childhood compared with his is like a Disney family setup, something that I am more thankful for because I know Girish Navani. The point is that in spite of the difficult start which he had to life, he wasn’t going to let that define him and he has showed incredible tenacity to get to where he is.


An attribute which I always wanted to have in my life was optimism and it wasn’t until I met Girish Navani that I understood how to actually be optimistic. I still have a long way to go but his relentless optimism is something which has always inspired me about him. It doesn’t matter how bad things get or how bleak they look, I can always tell that there is a large part of his brain which knows that everything will be alright in the end. I like being optimistic and without Girish Navani, I would never have had this quality.


Whilst it is something that I am working on I have always been very poor when it comes to having self-discipline and the only reason why I am better than I was is because of my good friend. Girish Navani is so disciplined it is incredible and when he sets his mind to something, he just does it. Last year he decided to give up caffeine for 3 months, something which we were both concerned about. I decided to try and give it a go too and by day 3 I had convinced myself that a cup of coffee was a good idea. Girish had no such problems of course and he stopped for the full 3 months. I am amazed at how he can just make a decision and stick to it like this, without allowing temptation or reasoning to creep in. I am a far more self-disciplined person than ever before and that is down to one person, Girish Navani.

Why not have a look at your circle of friends and find the inspiration you are looking for.