So you have gotten your license and training and have decided to jump onto the motorcycle bandwagon.  It is time to shop for the perfect ride.  Perhaps getting a second-hand bike would be an ideal way to start this journey.  There are many good reasons to buy a used motorcycle.  It is definitely cheaper and also more options to choose from. Nonetheless, buying a used bike can be daunting.  There are many places where you can buy a used motorcycle such as Cycle Trader, Craiglist, Autotrader and more.

Below are some things to do before buying a used motorcycle:-

Choosing The Right Motorcycle

What type of motorcycle that you are going to purchase will depend on what you want from it. Do you need it to commute to work daily or you just want a bike for a weekend ride?  What is your skill level?  These are the things that you have to keep in mind before you begin your search for a used vehicle.

Do Your Research

Before you start looking for your bike, you have to do some research about the model and what it should look like. Also, find out what is the market rate and if aftermarket accessories or spares are easily available or not.

Check History

Once you have found your dream bike, make sure you find out about the history before you buy it. If you are buying your bike from a dealership, very likely they will have the records available.  However, if you are going through a private seller, you may need to check the motorcycle history yourself by getting the vehicle history report if the owner does not have it. 

Talk to the owner

Call or message the owner to find out how long he or she has had the bike, its history and find out if there are any inconsistencies. Trust your instinct.

Check the paperwork

Make sure that the number plate and engine number matches the number in the paperwork. If there is a service record, check to make sure that they match the bike.  


If you are buying from a  private seller, it is very likely that it does not come with a warranty.  You may want to negotiate with the seller on this. 

Getting your motorcycle home 

If you are purchasing your bike from a dealer, they may offer to deliver the bike to your door for a fee.  However, if you are buying from a private seller, you would have to arrange to collect it yourself.  If the motorcycle is too far for you to collect, you would have to hire the services of a motorcycle transport company to ship your bike.  There are many shipping companies that specialize in transport with multiple trucks and drivers.  The bikes are usually transported on the trailer with a tie-down to secure it during transport.  As such it is important to choose a shipping company with the experience to help you complete the job safely and quickly.   Click this link to learn more on how you can save on shipping your motorcycle home.