key to success

Girish Kumar Navani is someone who I would consider a genius and whilst he has found his fame and fortune with his smart medical software, he had been trying for a great many years prior to that to make it big. It is very rare that we get the chance to witness someone’s road to success but in the case of Girish Kumar Navani that is exactly what I have been able to do. Very often when people make it big they are considered an overnight success but the truth is that very few people are, and most of them have been hustling for a long time before we heard about them, and here is how Girish Kumar Navani found his success.

Lessons Learned

Girish was always very adept with computers and he was always inventing some kind of software or written code which he felt could take him to achieve the success that he was looking for. Unfortunately for all of the skills and talent which he had from the tech point of view, he didn’t always understand the business side of things and this is why many of his projects couldn’t get off the ground. What Girish Kumar Navani did then was to educate himself on running a business, so that the next time he would be better prepared to reach for success.


We often hear about the necessity for tenacity when you are in the business world and this is something which Girish has in spades. Each time he failed he wouldn’t allow it to beat him and instead he would try to understand why the project that he was working on had failed, and what he could do next time to make sure that he didn’t. The famous quote in Rocky is that it isn’t how many times you are knocked down that is important, but how many times you get up. This is something which Girish has done expertly and why he deserves the success which he has found.


Girish always understood the need for a solid network of contacts throughout the tech and business world and from a young age he would be trying to create such contacts who could help him in the future. When the time came to put his medical app into action he was able to call on a number of contacts from marketers to investors, in order to give his product the best chance of success, and as we can see, it worked out very well for him.

Work Ethic

And finally, the biggest reason as to why Girish has achieved what he wanted to is because he was prepared to work at it and he has one of the hardest work ethics that I have ever seen. Girish would work 17 hours per day to get a project off the ground and he would be 100% committed to it and not allow anything to distract him. Hard work does pay off and it certainly has done for Girish.