How the Vasectomy No Scalpel Method Helps Patients and Doctors

When it comes to a vasectomy no scalpel method has been the industry standard for a number of years now and it has been one of the best advancements in this field. The old approach used to require needles and a scalpel but in the modern age we are seeing the use of laser technology which has been a real game changer. What is done now is that through the use of a small clamp and a laser the vas deferens can be cut, which is the key tube that prevents the sperm from entering the testicles.

So what exactly are the benefits of this particular approach versus the more traditional method of performing the vasectomy? Let’s take a look.

Comfort of the Patient

In the past the patient would always use local anesthetic and they would still face some pain during the procedure. In the modern day however, with the no scalpel approach, the anesthetic is still used but patients widely consider the procedure to be one which causes slight discomfort and nothing more. This is fantastic for the patient and they can be sure that their procedure is pain free.

Recovery Time

The time of the recovery with this procedure is incredibly short and that is because of the fact that there is no incision made. The only part of the body which actually needs to recover is the vas deferens and that is surprisingly robust when it comes to recovery. This means that instead of the patient having to take 3 days relaxing during their recovery, they can in fact go about their normal lives just 24 hours after the surgery. Patients do still need to take care of course, regarding heavy lifting and exercise, but generally the recovery is far faster and easier than before.

Speed of The Procedure

Previously it would take around an hour for the procedure to be completed, yet this time has now been slashed down to around about 25 minutes. This is not only easier for the doctor and the patient, but it makes the procedure far cheaper for the patient too. The surgeon is required for less time and so too is the operating room, which is wha contributes so much to the price being lowered. For the surgeon it also means that they are able to perform more procedures each day.

Lowering The Risk of Infection

Any operation which requires an incision comes with a risk of infection. Given that the new process doesn’t use this kind of procedure, the risk is brought down to zero. There were very few cases of infection previously but the risk was always there, and now it has disappeared completely.

There is absolutely no doubt that thanks to the no scalpel vasectomy, using lasers can provide a far better option for both patient and the doctor. As you can see from these benefits, it is perfectly understandable why this is now the industry standard.