Youtube screen

Want to take your favorite YouTube content on the go with you? You can, with several different steps to download and save YouTube content.

Learn how to make a new YouTube playlist offline. This is great for reducing your data usage out and about. You are also able to take content with you in places where you won’t have an internet connection, like camping or on a plane. 

Never leave your favorite YouTube playlist behind when you can learn how to make an offline YouTube playlist.  

YouTube Premium

The easiest way to make offline YouTube playlists is with the official YouTube app itself. When you download and subscribe to YouTube Premium, you get access to a lot of features that the free version of the app does not have.

Videos play without ads. You can navigate away from the app without the videos shutting off. 

Additional services include YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, and Google Play Music. If you’re wondering how to listen to YouTube, this is the simplest way.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos and save them for later. This is great for when you are going to be in a remote location, traveling, or just don’t want to waste your data on streaming.

How to Use YouTube Premium

Once you download the YouTube app and subscribe to Premium, downloading videos is pretty simple. Open the video you want to download. Hit the download button and adjust settings for the best quality and video size you want to store.

You’ll be notified when the video is downloaded with a purple checkmark next to it in the player. To look for the playlist of all of your downloaded videos, navigate to your Library folder in the app.

Be aware that your videos will remain for 30 days unless you log in during that time frame, which renews them.

Videos that are available for download can be restricted by individual creators and countries where YouTube Premium is not available.

What About Free Options?

For all the parts of YouTube Premium that benefits users, its major downside is that it and the YouTube Music cost is $11.99. For most people looking to just make an offline playlist from YouTube content, this is not going to be an attractive offer.

Since YouTube is an app and website that many people use particularly because it is free, there may be some resistance to subscribing to YouTube premium.

There’s no exact way to use the app offline, but you are able to make copies of some of its content to take on the go with you even if you are not subscribed to YouTube premium.

Be aware of your local copyright laws and YouTube’s current terms of service when converting content to mp3. Making copies of copyrighted material is almost always a violation of copyright law.

Screen Recordings

It might be a little clunky and your sound quality may vary, but you can screen record on your device and capture a YouTube video playing on screen.

Screen recorders make a copy of what is on your screen. You cannot use these to record copyrighted material and distribute them, such as opening Netflix and screen recording.

In fact, some online media players have settings that prevent recording by screen recorders.

For things like YouTube videos without copyrighted material, screen recording should take just a few seconds to get set up.

How to use Screen Recorders

Open the video and make it as large as possible. Then open your screen recording software (most modern computers have these pre-installed in your basic utility apps). It should allow you to select part of the screen. Extend it to fit the video.

Hit record and then play on the video. You’ll have to manually stop the recording when the video is done.

Using basic editing software, you will be able to separate the recording into audio and visual files. If you want only the audio mp3, save them to a folder.

Then using your favorite music player, group the mp3s produced by screen recording into a playlist.

Use an mp3 Converter

Want to snag some of your favorite YouTube videos as downloads to listen to them offline? Stream ripping software like a YouTube to mp3 converter can help accomplish this.

However, while you’re doing this make sure you’re adhering to YouTube’s Terms of Services and your local copyright laws. YouTube has tried to prevent stream-ripping in the past, taking companies around the globe to court over the issue.

Court findings have determined that converting un-copyrighted material on YouTube for your own personal copy is an okay gray area.

If, for instance, your professor uploads a series of lectures as an extra for your class on YouTube and he doesn’t copyright them, these would be ok to rip. So would content that is in the public domain. This would be noted in the video copyright section.

Once you have created mp3s from these lectures, you save them as a playlist in your favorite music player.

How to Use an Mp3 Converter

Converters that download YouTube videos and create mp3s simply need the link to the YouTube video. You’ll need to start by installing or downloading a converter app.

When you plug in the link, the converter does the work of finding the video, converting it to mp3, and downloading the file for you.

Save these to your device and then import them into your favorite music player. From there you can organize them into a playlist as you desire. Even when you don’t have data or wi-fi on your device, you will still be able to play this audio.

Now You Know How to Make a New YouTube Playlist

Now that you know how to make a new YouTube playlist, get set up with YouTube Premium, a screen recorder, or an mp3 converter to make an offline YouTube playlist. You can listen to your favorite content offline with these simple tools.

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