It’s never been easier to play online at You can play them from the comfort of your living room, relaxing in bed and you can even play them when you’re out and about. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection and you’re good to go!

How mobile slots work

Mobile slots are exactly like the slots you will find online on your desktop, they’ve just been designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. Most online slots site will have specially optimised mobile sites that can be played on your phone’s browser or can be downloaded from an app store.

Mobile slots sites are compatible with Android and iPhone mobiles and tablets and you can play using your mobile data as well as a Wi-Fi connection. Although, always check your mobile data limits when not connected to the Wi – Fi! The only noticeable difference you’ll find playing slots on a desktop and slots on the go on your mobile is that the screen is smaller.

What slots can you play on the go?

Slots titles tend to fall into one of three main categories of slot games, and you can find them all on mobile slot sites!

Slot Game TypesAbout
Classic SlotsAre the traditional 3 – reel slot games, they’re the simplest form of slot games. With fewer pay lines and basic features. Also known as Vegas slots.
Video SlotsAre the more modern slot games, they’re themed and have immersive sounds and graphics. They typically have 5 reels, multiple pay lines and many bonus features including multipliers and free spins.
Progressive Jackpot SlotsThese are the most popular type of slot games. These jackpots accumulate over time and with the minimum bet a player can win millions.

Imagine, sitting waiting for your turn to be called for an appointment, wagering 25p on a slot on your mobile and winning the jackpot! All the slot games that you find playing at home on your desktop, you can find on you mobile in the palm of your hand.

What are the benefits of playing mobile slots?

There are a number of reasons that players love playing mobile slots.

1.  Convenience – you can play whenever you want, wherever you are! No need to head to your computer, all you need is your mobile.

2.  Better graphics – mobile phones are always being updated which means mobile slots gaming experiences keep getting smoother.

3.  They are a discreet way to play – mobiles have smaller screens than desktops so you can enjoy slots without anyone staring over your shoulder and spoiling your experience.

Mobile sites are simple to sign up for but it’s important to always check that you are playing with a licensed and legitimate site. Once you’ve found your favourite mobile site you can play the slots anytime you fancy, even when you’re on the go.