Here in the US it can be tough to find people who are as passionate as I am about the game of soccer which is why I was so pleased that my neighbor Ian Weisberg, doctor by day, Spurs fan by night, is such a big fan of the sport. Like myself he is a Spurs fan and with this I am referencing Tottenham Hotspur, rather than the San Antonio Spurs. We often debate about what will happen to the club and after a recent BBC article we got to speaking about the future of our golden boy Harry Kane, and whether or not he should leave. We both had differing opinions on this so have a look and see which side of the fence you fall on.

Why He Should Go

My personal view is that Harry Kane should leave the football club, although I believe that he should do so in the 2020 summer football window. My main reason for this is that Harry Kane is a truly special talent, a goal scorer, a captain, a leader and someone who can play under pressure, and he deserves to finish his career with trophies in the cabinet.

By the time the summer 2020 window comes along, Kane will have just turned 26 and be in the prime of his career, he will also have given over a decade of service to the club, and that gives him the right to choose his own path. The only caveat to this would be if Tottenham were to win something by that window, failure to do that and Harry has my blessing to go.

Why He Should Stay

Ian believes that he shouldn’t be sold under any conditions and that if necessary he should be made to play out the rest of his contract, which currently lasts until 2023. Kane is the cornerstone of this football club, he will attract new players, he will lead the team to success and he has Tottenham running through his veins. If Spurs do sell Kane in the next 2 years then that will be the beginning of the end of the Pochettino project and following him out the door will be the rest of the team’s star players.

Harry Kane is like the Steven Gerrard of Tottenham and he, like Gerrard did, should resist offers elsewhere to win trophies with his beloved club. Ian believes that with Kane Spurs can win things but agrees with me that the chairman must invest in the squad and build a better team around Kane than we have at the moment. There are only a handful of clubs which Kane is likely to go to, in fact there is probably on Barca and Real who he may consider given his loyalty to Spurs. For Ian it is a case of lose Kane, and the club goes back by a decade.

What do you think that Kane and Tottenham should do?