For just over 6 years now I have been working at the incredible Interdependence PR firm, which has become a dream job for me. Prior to working here I had a feeling that I would enjoy working within public relations but you never really know until you actually start doing it, and I was very lucky that the team at Interdependence were able to give me a chance to show what I could do. If you are looking at working in the public relations industry, here is why you are going to absolutely love it.

Creative Juices

Anyone with a creative spirit is going to really enjoy the world of public relations because every day you get the chance to let  that creative energy run free. Every client comes with new challenges and it will be up to you to find the most creative way in which you can delver results for that client. You will be pushed and pushed to think outside of the box and come up with new and exciting ways to help the team, and the client.

Results Driven

Here at Interdependence there is a massive focus on delivering results and when we have a project ongoing the energy ini the place is absolutely electric, with everyone hustling to deliver. I can only assume that every PR agency is like this and I absolutely love that cut and thrust when everyone is working together and everyone is trying their best to deliver for the client. If you are someone who loves a challenge and hard work, this is an industry which you are going to adore.

Working With People

If you are a people person then this is most definitely the job that you are going to love because you will be working with an enormous range of people. This is why you have to have outstanding communication skills when you work in public relations, because you will be in contact with people from the world of media, hospitality, business and of course your own team. You will have to build relationships and work closely with a variety of people to deliver, and this is why anyone who enjoys working with people is going to find this to be a perfect career.


When people ask me what I love most about the job it is that there is such wide variation from day to day, and honestly no two days are alike. There is no time for monotony in this job and each day brings with it a new challenge, a new task and sometimes a new client. If you like the idea of a career which challenges you and which will test you differently every day, this is going to be the perfect option for you and your talents.

Do you fit the bill for working in public relations? If so then go after it and free yourself a career in this wonderful industry.