At least once in our lives, we think of going on a diet. This can be due to personal reasons or just peer pressure. When all your friends are going on a diet and you end up going on one too. We all go through the diet phases in our lives. So have you ever cheated, we mean on your diet?

Reasons for Dieting

Perfect Body

People have several reasons for going on diets. The most popular among these reasons is getting the “perfect body”. This is usually a summer body. It is very rare to find someone dieting for winter, it is as rare as winning the online casino jackpot twice. But just in case you have to know someone who has dieted for the winter body, please do tell us.

Personal Conviction

Another popular reason for dieting is that it’s a personal choice. This is when you feel that you are now too big. Or rather, let us put it like this, when your favourite pair of jeans can no longer be your favourite and when your formal shirt has become a muscle top. That is when it hits you, you have to on a diet.

Peer Pressure

This usually affects ladies more than the men. When all your girlfriends are dieting you feel pressured to diet too. Then you join the diet under the hashtag, friendship goals. Or as we would like to put it, hashtag peer pressure.

Cheat Days

Cheat days are when you cheat on your diet. This is when you decide to let go of all the salads that you were having and steal a few slices of pizza. Basically, it is cheating, but on your diet and not on your blackjack game. Most diets have a few cheat days because we are all human. We are bound to be drawn to the smell of French fries or macaroni cheese. So is it wrong to cheat on your diet, well, not really? Just make sure that you can always get your relationship back on track.