Holiday in USA

Each year my family and I will generally map out two holidays for ourselves, during the summer we will take a break right here in the UK, and during the winter we will usually go to see some friends and family in Pittsburgh. During our last trip across the pond I as speaking to an American friend of mine who lives in Pittsburgh Jason Proch about the attraction and fascination that many British people have with holidaying in the UK, and here is why he thinks that so many people leave the United Kingdom every year, heading for glitzy spots like New York, Florida and LA.


Jason Proch quite rightly pointed out that in many cases Brits will go across to the USA for business and that for many years there a have been very strong links between businesses in both America and the UK. After some fact checking we discovered that business travel makes up just under 30% of the overall visitors to the USA by British citizens.


The UK and the USA are the two of the most populous countries which have English as a first language, and this of course makes it an attractive option for British holiday-makers. Whether we care to admit it or not there is something nice about being able to go on holiday and know that you won’t have to learn a language or try to decipher a new idiom, making the holiday a far easier experience for the whole family. Although many tourist resorts and holiday destinations will have a large number of English speakers, having a culture based around the English language makes things much better win the eyes of many tourists.

Bigger, Better

Another great attraction with the USA, especially for British tourists, is that everything seems to be bigger and often better in the US. This is strange because whilst nobody denies that they do things in a bigger way over in the States, someone like Jason Proch will tell you that in fact there are many Americans who think the same thing about the British Isles.


The USA is absolutely enormous and there is a huge range of diversity over there in terms of landscapes, weather, people and cultures. This is why we love the USA so much, we love that the coasts are so varied, we love that we can go to Florida and discover the Latin population, or the south where the culture is completely different. Two weeks on a beach in Greece may offer a nice break for a family but it does lack some character, here in the USA however we can get everything that we are looking for from relaxation to all out action, the array of options is incredibly vast.

More British tourists are heading to the USA in 2019 than ever before and it is very easy to see why.