Thisseason in the English Premier League looks to be one of the closest that we have ever seen, especially when it comes to those top spots. This is something which I have been discussing on the podcast this week with the brilliant Joon Faii Ong, a wonderful voice  of reason when it comes to this crazy game which we call football. We are already 10 games into the season and having seen how each team has performed, now is the perfect time for us to start guessing as to who will be in that top 4, and here are our picks.


There is a very real chance that Spurs could make a push for the title this year, the first time since 2016. Spurs not only have Mourinho but they have an attacking front three which has the potentail to be the best in the world. Beyond this the team have guile, strength, poise and competition for places which will prove to be crucial for the side. They may not win the title but they will most certainly be in the top 4.


Many thought that it would take too long for the new players to settle in for Chelsea to make any serious challenge but this year we can certainly expect to see them in the top 4. The Blues have a lot of ability within their ranks and Lampard is a more experienced manager than he was last year, which could also help push them on. With so much talent and a deep squad, this is a team which will have no issues finishing in the Champions League spots.


Liverpool may struggle to win the league this season because of the raft of injuries which they are dealing with, with the likes of Van Dijk looking like they will be out all season. With this being said however, there is little doubt that Liverpool will have any issues whatsoever getting into the top 4, in fact we expect them to probably finish in the top 2. The theme of winning runs through this team, they know what it takes and they are all drilled to play a certain way. We have already seen just how talented the younger players here are, and that is something which is set to continue.


Many of you may have been thinking that Manchester City were going to be the last on this list but we have decided that they will not be, and that instead Leicester will take up that last spot. Manchester City just don’t look at it and they are already a good number of points behind. It may well be that City do it but Leicester just look great and they have easily the most balanced side in the top 6. The only thing which may derail the Foxes is an injury to some of their star players, avoid that and we fancy them to creep into those too spots.

Who do you think gets into the top 4?