Everyone loves the chance to save some money and this is why I wanted to write this piece to help you save some money on your weekly grocery shop. Some things just can’t be avoided when it comes to finances such as rent, energy bills and of course food and household items. This doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce how much you are spending on your weekly shop however and these awesome hacks can help you to save a little bit of money each week. Use these tips and you are sure to have a little extra money in your pocket at the end of the month.


Cashback sites like Lyconet give you a great chance to make some money back on the items which you buy at the grocery store. This is like a savings promotion in reverse, as you will actually  get the money back after purchasing a product. All you need to do is choose a cashback site and signup with them, each week they will show you a range of products which you can claim some cashback on, more often than not these are products which you will be buying anyway. Once you have bought the products, upload your receipt to the site and then get a percentage of what you have spent back, in cash.

Online Coupons

Coupons are nothing new of course but the way in which you can obtain them certainly is. Instead of digging through newspapers and magazines trying to find money off coupons, you can hit up an online coupon site such as Groupon, who regularly have offers which you can take advantage of for free. The best way to do this is to make your grocery list and then the day before you go shopping hit the coupon site to see what offers are available. Download the coupons to your phone, present them at the checkout and enjoy some big savings, for absolutely free.

Home Delivery

Instead of making your way to the grocery store you can order your items to get delivered at home, something which will save you money. The reason why it will save you cash is twofold, firstly you are going to be far less likely to make those spontaneous purchases which many of us do when we are in the grocery store. The second reason why this will save you money is because home delivery is heavily promoted and grocery stores often have excellent coupons and savings which they will offer exclusively to people who opt for home delivery. Another great benefit of doing this is that you can see the cost of your shop in real time, and amend your basket if you feel that you have spent too much. This will stop that heart-stopping moment at the checkout when you find out how much your bill is.

Easy tips to follow but tips which will most certainly help you to save money on your weekly shop.