A great way in which you can save a little bit of money eat month is by using cashback sites such as Lyoness which give you money back on your purchases. This is something which you may have seen but may not necessarily understand how it works so we wanted to give you a brief guide today so that you can start saving money right away. These websites are helping thousands of people to save cash on their weekly shop and on purchases which they make online and if you aren’t using them yet then now is the time to get started. Let’s take a look at what cashback is, how it works and how you can start making the most of it right away.

What is Cashback?

Simply put instead of offering you discounts and promotions which include money off discounts or money off multiple purchases, cashback gives you a percentage of the money back which you have already paid for a product. The percentages on offer will vary from product to product, but in some cases they can be as high as 60%!

How it Works

A manufacturer or vendor of a product wants to sell more products and they also want to use this as a marketing tool so that you can see what they have to offer. They give these deals to cashback sites who then pass the offer on to their members. Cashback sites make a small amount of money from subscriptions to their website and then the consumer can get loads of money back on the products which they offer.

How to Get Started

To get started with cashback you first need to sign up to a website and pay the small subscription fee for your membership. Once you have completed this you can browse through the website to see what kind of offers they have, and what you would like to buy. The best bit about how this cashback deal works is that they almost always offer deals on products which you likely buy anyway such as household goods and food items.

How to Get Cashback

Once you have found the product you wish to buy, simply follow the link from the cashback website and complete your purchase, after this you will be redirected back to the original website and you will be credited with your cashback directly into your account. Occasionally you may find cashback deals on items in physical stores, if this is the case then you simply need to upload your receipt once you have made the purchase, and then the cash will be deposited back into your account.

Once you have money in your account you can either withdraw this straight to your bank account, or you could let it build up and then use it in the future to pay for another product which offers you cashback, giving you double the savings.

Try it out and just see how much money you can save.