Of all the tropical countries around the world, Thailand is one of the most sought after by those looking for a break from the icy grip of winter.

There are many beaches and islands to choose from, but those seeking the right balance between paradise beaches and a full suite of services will want to plan their holiday on Koh Samui.

Below, we’ll talk about what you should do during your time in this glorious paradise.

1) Chill on the beach

You didn’t travel halfway around the world to spend the lion’s share of your time cooped up in your hotel room. After sleeping off your jet lag, slather yourself in sunscreen and hit the beach. The one at your resort is bound to be an excellent one, but during the course of your vacation, make time to explore the best beaches on the island.

Start by heading over to Chaweng Beach – as the most tourist-orientated part of the island, those looking for every service under the sun to go with their relaxing day will want to spend at least one day here.

Want to hang out with younger people and backpackers? If so, then Lamai Beach is more likely to be your jam. A less crowded spot, the atmosphere here is far more relaxing than the latter, so if you are seeking a quieter spot, Lamai is where you’ll want to go.

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2) Go on a cross-island tour

There is more to this island than its sun-drenched beaches – discover everything Koh Samui has to offer by going on a cross-island tour. Over the course of a day, you’ll get to see temples, erotic rock formations, and other sights of note around the island.

Some tours have a monkey show on the menu – do NOT book these tours, as their owners badly mistreat the animals under their care.

3) Enjoy the nightlife in Chaweng Beach

The sun may set in Koh Samui, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. After having an enjoyable dinner at one of the many classy restaurants along the main drag in Chaweng, move along to a number of pubs, bars, and clubs.

Many of these are small, hole in the wall establishments, but if you are looking for the greatest concentration of drinking dens, Soi Green Mango and Soi Reggae is where you’ll want to go.

Those looking for a guaranteed good time will find it at Ark Bar, as many epic parties have been thrown here over the years.