family & work

Do you ever look at your friends or members of your family and just think ‘how on Earth do you do it?’ Well this is how I feel every time that I look at my best friend Michelle L Marquez. Michelle works on Wall Street as a trader and as you can well imagine that takes up a huge amount of her time. When you also consider that she has 2 young kids and a husband at home, to whom she is an excellent mother and wife, you begin to wonder what kind of jiggery-pokery is going on, how on Earth can she juggle it all and keep a smile on her face, and here is how she manages.


Michelle L Marquez has always been super disciplined and she used to say to me when the kids were born that she was going to have to put some rules in place because she didn’t want to be the mum that was never around, nor did she want to leave her job. And so she began to put rules in place such as 3 times a week she would do the school run, or that she would never work weekends, or even that she would take the family out one night per week. She stuck hard to these rules and they are certainly one of the reasons as to why she can juggle both lifestyles.

Personal Time

Something which I also respect a lot about Michelle is that she knows that in order to be the best worker and the best mum that she can be, she needs to make sure that she is in a good place. This is why she regularly hits the gym and leisure club after work, only for 40 minutes or so, because that gives her the chance to wash the work off her as it were, and then arrive home in a good state of mind. It is true and a lot of people forget that in order to give yourself to others in the best way possible, first of all you need to be in good shape.


I can remember how mortified Michelle was when she missed her son’s nativity play because she had to work, despite telling him that she would be there for it. After that day she decided that she would never miss an engagement like that again and so she began to get super organized. Michelle now plans about 2 or 3 months ahead and she makes sure that her calendar is always up to date so that she doesn’t miss these types of events. Even as a friend if I want to go out for dinner with her or something like that, I have to plan it well ahead of time because I know that she is usually locked down for weeks at a time.

It may sound simple but it certainly isn’t and this is why Michelle L Marquez is such a source of inspiration for me.