If you are interested in trading or it is something that you have been planning for a while you are in luck as we have some tips on trading from one of the best in the business, my good friend Michelle L Marquez. Michelle has been trading securities for a number of years now and if there is anything that she knows about it is trading techniques. If you haven’t started trading yet then try not to get sucked in by the online ads which you may have seen, they aren’t exactly a fraud, but they aren’t exactly easy either. The best way to win in as a trader is to have a system, and here are some features of it which Michelle recommends that you should employ.


 Before you get started as a trader or even as a stock broker, it is vital that you understand the legalities of what you are doing. The Securities and Exchange Commission is a watchdog for the trading community and they oversee trades and trade patterns, arbitration and are in place to ensure that the law is respected. Before you get started, make sure that everything is above board.


 Michelle alludes to the fact that many traders who think that they can take on just about any financial market are those who fail. In fact she stresses that having one particular market to focus on will always be the best option, and the most profitable. Michelle references the fact that each individual market is so broad that you it will take years for you to truly understand it, and even then forecasting it will be tough. Michelle recommends that you pick a particular market which interests you, futures for example, and stay focussed on that market alone.


 One of the most important things which Michelle says that any trading system must have is a realistic picture of how much exposure you can allow. It can be very easy for people to keep investing heavily, especially if they are chasing a loss, and it is during these times that most people end up losing big time. In order to keep you trading sensible, make sure that you know exactly what you can afford to do, and stick to your limits.

 What’s The Gain?

 Not everyone trades in order to make millions overnight and many prefer to play the long game. Whichever the case, Michelle tells us how vital it is that you have a realistic idea of what you are looking to get out of trading. Some look for the big win and these are the gamblers, others perhaps will look to make small dividends over a longer period of time, and others will like to do something in between both approaches. Understand what you are looking for, and this will help shape your decisions.