There are two types of leaders in this world, some like Misha Kaura are born leaders who came into this world with the attributes and characteristics which a great leader should have. Misha has used this natural born ability to launch a very successful textile business. There are also those of us who were not necessarily born with these skills and attributes, but had to learn them along the course to being a great leader. If you are not a natural leader then these are the skills which you need to acquire in order to be one.


Leaders inspire people in a number of ways and the trick to being a great leader is to know how exactly you can inspire a number of different people. For example some will be inspired by the example you set, others will be inspired by the way in which they are treated and some just need a clear message in order to get them to buy in.

Communication Skills

Whether we are talking about a business leader, a political leader or a leader of a team, they all have impeccable communication skills. Delivering a message and being able to make sure that everyone understands clearly is important in all aspects of life, and so too is dealing with people which is where communication skills are so important. Remember that communicating is not just about talking, it is also vitally important that you know how, and when, to listen.


Any leader has to have real passion about what they are doing and this should easily be seen and communicated to the team. As the head of a group of people it will be up to you to show that level of passion in order for it to infect those around you. If you are not passionate as a leader then you can expect your team to lack this passion too.


Being a great leader is not just about making decisions, anybody can do that, it is about how you take those decisions and how you make your choice. A great leader weighs up the pros and cons of everything, they take a wide view of what the decision in front of them is and they are not afraid to take calculated risks. Great leaders will take advice when necessary and they will have the strength in their convictions to make the tough choices.

Learn and Plan

The very best leaders are those who focus on the present, learn from mistakes made in the past and focus heavily on the future. Learning from mistakes is of course very important but so too is looking ahead. In the world of business for example this forward thinking approach can help a leader to see danger before it arrives, as well as giving the foresight when it comes to spotting ways in which they can find higher levels of success going forward.

If you weren’t born a leader,  it is time to get working on those skills.