In the world of online casino, slot games are without a doubt the most popular games played. Unlike card and table games, which requires strategy and focus, slot games are easy to play and they brings entertainment. However, within the slot games community, there is a fierce debate around which is the best, classic slots or modern slots.

Some players prefer the classic ones, while others feel that the video slots are more worthwhile. Even though, the slots came in a long way since the golden age of arcade, the so-called modern slots aka video slots, came out in the late 70s. Today, with all the available technology, players can enjoy their favorite game anywhere. Basically, any online slot is played on a screen of a device. The term “video slot” separate the classic slots with jingles, fruits and sevens from all the good looking casino games.

Classic Slots

The classic slots fall into a category of slot games that are modeled after the land-based slot machines, that is the idea of classic slots, which features with a small numbers of reels, like 3 and a lever. At online casinos, in order to cope with technological evolution and give a nostalgic feeling to gamblers, the game still happens on a screen. However, even if the number of reels has increased to 5, in terms of graphics and animations, they are basic as there are no video animations at all. There are a few games, like Sizzling Hot, that tries to please the nostalgic idea of a slot game.

Modern Slots

The term of modern slots refers to video slots, which are the modern online slot games that incorporate artistic graphics and video animations. The video slots are generalized for 5-reel slots with many features. Video slots offer a different experience to classic slots. They have a theme that runs into every aspect of the slot with graphics, animations, film sequences and interactive features are focused around the game. Nowadays, companies with their developers work on everyday projects of designing a video slot game with all the aspects of modern technology. You can think of Book of Ra as a modern video slot, which includes all the aspects mentioned above. From theme to graphics, from animations to film sequences. Video slots tend to call towards the younger generation of players as they combine video gaming with gambling in a single package.


Saying that one type of slot is better than the other does not represent an accurate way to describe these games. It all comes down to a matter of taste, mood of the day and type of the game. If people are looking for simple slot games that brings nostalgia, the classic slots are the way to go. However, if the players want an immerse experience with multi-layered rounds, interactive games, drawn by the music effects, animated symbols and graphics, then the answer is video online slots. That doesn’t mean that classic and modern slots are mutually exclusive. The spice of life is variation, you may find that a classical slot game will suit your mood today or video slots will suit it tomorrow.