I first came to Mexico to visit a friend of mine Nabil Fakih who had moved down here to open a business, I didn’t know what to expect ahead of that visit and having heard some things about Mexico which weren’t too good, I was genuinely surprised by how great this country was. Since visiting Nabil in Mexico City I have traveled to many other regions in Mexico and it is a nation which I really love coming to. Much is made abut the problems which Mexico has but the truth is that this is a country which you will fall in love with, and here is why.

The Food

Mexican food is by far and away my favorite cuisine and I love that there is such a wide range of traditional dishes which you can find here. Whilst international food has made its way to Mexico, in the main the diet here is very traditional and as a result they have retained all of those very Mexican dishes. We all know about tacos, which are pretty much life here in Mexico, but there is also a massive range of local cuisine from quesadillas to pozole, gorditas to barbacoa which will just blow you away.

The People

Despite what is said about Mexicans by some, my experience with them has always been nothing but great and they have always made me feel welcome and looked after. this goes for people in Cancun, Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey and beyond, my experience has been people who can’t wait to show off their country. Mexicans are staunchly proud to be Mexican and this is something which you get a sense of when you speak with them. Everyone has a food idea which you have to try or a destination in the country which you have to go to.


In terms of cultures here there isn’t much diversity beyond the ancient civilizations which lived here, when I talk diversity I refer to the differences between the urban and the natural regions. Mexico pretty much has it all, bustling cities, huge valleys, deserts, rivers, volcanos, jungle and even snow-capped mountains. There is so much to explore in this vast country and each state offers something a little different from the last.


Over the millennia this country has been the home of a wide range of ancient civilizations from the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Toltecs, the Olmecs and many more, and much of that history has been carefully preserved and protected by the Mexican governments of the past. They still speak ancient languages in many areas around the country and the food, the way of life and even the names of things doff their caps to the people who first settled here. There is so much history to explore throughout Mexico and a lot of fascinating places to see and discover.

If you have been thinking about coming to Mexico, I can’t recommend it to you enough.