We are living in a world where it has never been easier than before to set up your very own business and with the arrival of the internet, you can even do so these days without much initial capital. Everywhere you look there are programs about entrepreneurs, courses to educate people on business and encouragement for people to go ahead and start their own business. This is all well and good but being a business owner isn’t for everyone. My buddy Nabil Fakih for example is a brilliant business owner, he has 3 business in total, all within the auto industry, and each one is a success. Watching how Nabil works is incredible and it is clear that he just has what it takes when it comes to running a business. If you do have dreams of one day becoming someone successful like Nabil, here are the basic skills which you’ll need.


If you asked me to describe Nabil in a single word I would probably say tenacious, because that is just what his character is like. Nabil will not accept no from anyone, if he fails or makes a mistake then he learns from it and gets back in the game right away. This is a skill which is absolutely necessary in business because nobody is going to give you anything. If you are looking for investment, a sale or a favor then you have to be tenacious in your approach.

Forward Thinking

Nabil is able to live in the now, learn from the past and most importantly, look ahead to the future. This is vital for any business owner because you need to be able to see ahead and spot opportunities. Looking ahead like this can also help you to identify any issues which may be coming your way and seek to avoid them.

Team Building

A business owner is nothing without a great team underneath them and knowing how to build a great team is absolutely vital for any business owner. The common mistake which many make is to hire a great set of individuals, but this is not how to build a great team. Nabil for example has tow or three members of his team who I don’t think are that amazing, they have been hired however because they are able to work in perfect synergy with the rest of the team, and that is how they improve.


A business owner like Nabil must inspire, engage and motivate and in order to do all of those things it is essential that they have  excellent communication skills. A business owner needs to communicate their message clearly, they must be able to listen to advice and problems which people may have and without high level communication skills they will struggle to do these things.

If you do want to be a business owner like Nail Fakih then these are the absolute basic skills which you will need.