Whether you are interested in getting into investing or are a seasoned investor, you are likely to be on the lookout for new investment opportunities. Here are eight promising sectors to invest in in 2021.


Cryptocurrency has been one of the most popular industries to invest in for a number of years now. Cryptocurrencies are digital, encrypted digital currencies that are not officially recognised as legal tender by governments. While the value of individual cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum) fluctuates constantly, the cryptocurrency market in general can be a wise investment choice if you are able to keep up with trends.


Like cryptocurrency, Forex is also a popular choice of market for investors. Forex is short for foreign exchange, and it refers to exchange rates between different currencies all over the world. Similar to cryptocurrency investing, Forex trading requires time and attention, but the profits can make it well worth your time.


Agriculture has been a profitable sector for centuries and is unlikely to disappear anywhere regardless of technological and economic developments. Growing partners like CPF AG allow investors to purchase small shares of farmland and profit from the farm’s revenue. You do not have to be a farmer yourself or an expert on agriculture to get involved!

Educational Technology

The educational technology sector has been expanding rapidly for many years now, but the current global pandemic has led to a sharp exponential increase in the profitability of this sector. Educational technology refers to VLEs (virtual learning environments) and other software that enables online learning. Although traditional classroom teaching will undoubtedly return at some point, it is likely that some shifts towards technology and remote learning are here to stay. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been quickly developing over the last few decades and looks set to play an even larger role in our lives in the near future. For example, self-driving cars and 5G technology are already making waves in the world of technology. Investing in this sector could be a wise move.


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a compound found from cannabis plants, which has recently been legalized and approved for medical use (often over the counter) in many states, including states where the cannabis plant itself remains restricted. The CBD industry is predicted to exceed $20 billion by the year 2022!

Real Estate

Real estate has almost always been a lucrative investment choice, and this year is no exception to this. Thankfully, you do not have to have the capital needed to buy properties upfront in order to get involved—real estate investment trusts can help investors with this.


Biotechnology is one of the most exciting fields of study for both scientists and investors. Biotechnology involves the use of living organisms to create medical, agricultural, industrial, and commercial products. One of the most promising developments in biotechnology, for both the environment and for business, is plant-based plastic, which is likely to revolutionize manufacturing over the coming decades.