The days when people would peruse through newspapers or walk for miles in search of properties on sale are long gone. Thanks to the internet, buyers can now find and buy homes and land with ease. 

Online trends have changed the way realtors run their businesses. For you to stand out in the real estate industry, you must be well-informed of how sellers and home buyers maximize the internet. This will help you offer a great experience in this marketplace. 

Nowadays, small and large businesses use social media marketing to promote their brand. It is also ideal for lead generation and conversion. You should take advantage of social media to market your real estate business and listings. 

Social media marketing tools are vital in building a strong brand, increasing sales, connecting to your audience, and driving traffic to your site. Whether you are a new or an established realtor, you should utilize the most effective strategies to grow your brand. Here are marketing tools that can help you grow your real estate business:


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the modern world. Thus, it remains an indispensable marketing tool for realtors. You can use this platform to popularize your brand and connect with multiple customers. 

You can also post information and useful content on your Facebook page to entice readers to follow your page. This will make it easy for you to connect with existing and prospective clients. Facebook allows you to tout your open houses, which may win you a sale from your followers or their Facebook friends. 

However, before a buyer decides to invest substantial cash in a property, they must trust you. Establishing trustworthiness can be challenging in a market with terrible stories of real estate deals gone wrong. 

However, your transparency will improve. Portray realistic images when creating your Facebook ads. Give accurate details of the property on the photo or video you are looking to sell. It will boost the confidence of your leads, and they will feel safe transacting with you. 

Reel Geeks

Reel geeks will offer solutions you need for a successful real estate business. Use it to boost online presence. Real geeks will drive high traffic on your website and help generate more leads. This tool has a wide range of elements needed for the success of your real estate business. They include:

• Email automation 

• Lead generation

• Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

• Customer relationship management (CRM)

Use this simple tool to draw leads and convert them to customers. 


This is a booming platform for many real estate businesses. With many people using Instagram nowadays, this is a perfect social media site to draw attention to your listings. Today, potential customers demand to see photos and videos of your listed properties. 

Instagram allows you to create and share audiovisual content. It is a user-friendly platform that you can use to give your potential customers a virtual tour of your open houses. With Instagram, you can engage your customers, generate and convert leads, strengthen your brand, and boost views. 


Video marketing is an effective way to cultivate a successful real estate business. YouTube is a great tool to market your open houses because people rely on it for information. Relying entirely on newspaper to advertise your property may make you a disappointed realtor. Nowadays, customers demand to see vivid photos and videos of homes on sale before they decide to buy.

The real estate market has become visual, and YouTube enables you to match the current homebuyers’ demands. Advertise your open house on YouTube to increase your chances of making a sale.

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Thus, it is an excellent platform to grow your online presence and strengthen your brand. Make use of it to boost your SEO rating and share your properties’ videos to a broad market with ease.


MailChimp is an email marketing system that aids in improving your email campaign. It has become a popular marketing tool for email marketing in the real estate industry. However, market segmentation is vital in email marketing. It helps realtors to share information with a specific segment of the audience through emails.

The results you will achieve from your email marketing efforts will depend on the content shared and your targeted recipient. Thus, ensure the emails you share impact positively on your recipients.

When used effectively, MailChimp will help you create an email subject that can draw your targeted audience’s attention. That can entice them to check your sales page, leading to a successful business deal.

You can track your campaign impact using MailChimp. It will help you invest your resources in marketing strategies that prove effective for your real estate business. To achieve your goal, you must define your market and embrace personalization and segmentation in your email marketing. You don’t want to send information to the wrong audience. Use MailChimp to categorize your list, and your email campaign efforts will be more impacting. 

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a great direct marketing tool for realtors. If used well, it will help you grow your real estate business. This platform allows you to create your mailing listings. It provides you with multiple designed postcard templates.

 However, you can redesign these templates to convey a message to your intended target market. You can track your emails and create a backup for your mailing lists using Wise Pelican. To maximize on this platform, ensure you design engaging marketing templates. 

Wise Pelican is ideal for businesses with limited budgets for marketing campaigns. However, you must allocate adequate resources to achieve good results. Thus, integrate this tool into your marketing plan.

Zillow Premier Agent App

This is a widely used marketing app, and it is valuable for realtors. Use it for advertising your real estate business online. It will help you connect with potential clients searching for homes or land in your targeted area. Through Zillow Premier Agent App, you can tell how your team is performing. It also helps you manage your leads with ease. 

Zillow Premier Agent App can help you influence a broader market. It allows realtors to advertise on other social medial platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Zillow is an incredible platform to show off your diverse expertise and identify clients seeking your specific set of skills. 


When you advertise your open houses, interested buyers will view your listings. However, to serve them better, you must understand their needs. Here is where Spacio comes in handy. It enables you to collect data from prospective clients. 

You can customize it to capture specific details of your site visitors, including their budget, location, features they are looking for in a home, and their preferences. With this information, you can approach a potential buyer with a broad knowledge of their needs and have a relevant conversation. 


This user-friendly marketing platform will boost your online visibility. Using this website builder, you can develop landing pages that are appealing to your targeted audience. You can create pages to advertise properties on sale. Use Leadpages to create a fascinating website for your real estate business without breaking your bank. 


As a real estate agent, your most valuable skill is your ability to sell. Ensure you invest in the right marketing tools. This will influence the success of your marketing campaigns. The above-discussed tools have proven effective for many real estate businesses. However, you should identify and invest in tools that suit your business.