Has your business ever used a shuttle service in Atlanta GA before?  You may have hired one for one off events like taking a large team to an exhibition, convention, training day, team building event or to a supplier or client site.  Charter bus services are excellent for these occasions as they allow you to ensure all the require personnel are taken to the event and arrive on time together.  It also cuts down on expense as you don’t have to pay for separate travel expenses for each individual.

But here’s a novel idea for another use of a shuttle service which will not only save time and money, but also boost employee happiness and loyalty.

Renting a Shuttle Service in Atlanta GA

What are the main reasons for someone to leave one job for another, well usually its because the new job has better pay, a better commute or is a promotion?  Actually, when you boil that down what they’re moving for is to feel happier.  Often the grass looks greener on the other side but when they get there it’s not, but they’ve given up like for like anyway apart from maybe a slight wage increase.

So what can you do for your employees which other companies don’t do, which will make them happier, and make them think twice about moving to another company?  A shuttle service!  Say what?  Yes a shuttle service, here’s why.

Consider the commute your employees make to work every day.  Some walk to a bus stop, take a bus to the train station, take a train, maybe having to change trains once or twice, before getting on another bus which drops them off close to work, and then the walk the remainder.  Another employee live outside the city so they jump in their car, and then drive on an ever slowing journey to a parking lot they can afford to pay for before walking the remainder of their commute into work.

Because of the rush hour traffic all employees feel they have to set off a lot earlier than they would like to, and then they feel like the time they spend sat in their car, or transferring from one mode of public transport to another is wasted time, time they’re not being paid for.  They loathe the expense of this arduous journey every day, and when they arrive at work having battled with everyone else out their trying to get to work on time, they are frustrated.

Now replace those journeys with a shuttle service.  They’re picked up at a local shuttle point and take a much more direct route to work.  On the journey they can relax, talk to colleagues, or even start work.  You just raised loyalty levels with all your employees using this service.  They arrive to work happier, with more money in their pocket, and already thinking about work.  Should another job offer come along its going to be very hard for them to give up their shuttle service for their previous battle commute right?