The UFC has become one of the fastest growing fight networks in the world and each year they continue to break records when it comes to their pay per view numbers. It was my old college roomie Shane Kersh who initially got me into the UFC, but back then it was a very different sport altogether. Shane and I still watch the fights together whenever we can, depending on our work and family schedules. Me and Shane were talking last week about just how exciting 2020 is going to be in the sport, and these are the fights which we are most looking forward to.

Connor v Cowboy

There was a stage where Shane and I genuinely didn’t think that McGregor was going to come back to the sport, especially given the trillions of dollars that he made from that Mayweather fight! Last month however it was announced that he would be fighting on the first PPV of January against the brilliant Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, and we can’t wait. The fight is being fought at 170lbs, apparently because Connor has future plans, but the heavy weight means that the fight could really go one way or another.

Khabib v Ferguson

It really seems that the only person who may have a shot at beating Khabib is Tony Ferguson, especially given the way that the Dagestan native completely dismantled Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. This is the fifth time that the UFC has tried to get these two together however, so first we have to hope that they both make it to the Octagon in April. The rumor is that McGregor wanted to fight Cowboy at 170 in case Ferguson didn’t make the fight, so that he could step in. Ferguson is a dangerous opponent for Khabib and the show should be an absolute spectacle.

Masvidal v Diaz

Jorge Masvidal convincingly beat Nate Diaz in the fight for the ‘BMF’ title, but fans were left with a a sour taste in the mouth after it was actually stopped by a doctor for a cut under Nate’s eye. We all know that Diaz would have kept going in that fight until his face fell off, but sadly we weren’t able to see it. That fight was a huge success for the UFC and we have no doubt that in 2020, the powers that be will try their best to make a match up for a rematch.

DC v Stipe

Two of greatest heavyweights of all time in Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic will be squaring off for their trilogy fight, and DC is going to want to get that belt back. Currently they are tied 1-1 and given that both could potentially retire after the fight, they are both going to want to go out on a high. This is the biggest fight of their lives and we can’t wait for the two to throw down.

Which fight are you most looking forward to in 2020?