Do you find it difficult working two jobs, especially when they are shifts; are you finding it hard to check where you should be when and to ensure that you don’t double book yourself which could get you into a lot of trouble? ShiftPixy could be the answer to your problems.

Have you seen Shift Pixy, the pixy that can solve all your shift working problems?  You can use it to create shifts on your schedule so that the other workers or supervisors on your network can check your availability and allocate you shifts appropriately. You can then check what has been put in and decide whether you are willing and want to accept the shift or otherwise.

If you have a regular shift that you will always cover then you can add this into your work pattern so that it comes up as a shift that you will always do, again the management end of shiftpixy will have this noted on their part of the application.

For an employer you can track your permanent staff as well as your bank or flexible staff, you are able to block out sections of when they can and can’t work;  for example, if they have other commitments or are students and so on.

You will send messages and get responses in real time; therefore if someone cannot make work that day for whatever reason you can contact replacement staff and hopefully get someone to stand in quickly and efficiently.

With over three million Americans working night shifts alone, and another four million on top working evening shifts, then this product does have a very big market. Also, there are over twelve million who will work any hours of any day all on a shift pattern basis and this is when shiftpixy can come in really useful for everyone involved.

As an employer, keeping up with ever changing landscape of employment and, keeping up to date with the IRS, shiftpixy can hold all of the base date for each of its employees including name, address and telephone number. Reports can be run from this data which can then be used for IRS returns. Your business could also use the information to run reports which can then be used for payroll or statistic purposes.

Using shiftpixy can also cut down on resources and wages. If you have ever tried to plan shifts around people increasingly busy lifestyles and schedules you will know what a massive and time-consuming task this can be. Not only that but once you have done it for one week, you will be starting all over again for the next week when people’s schedules have changed. Shiftpixy can reduce the time and expense of this task significantly as each person is responsible for the shifts that they accept or do not accept. This will reduce the overheads for the business and the painful task of carrying out shift schedules which will inevitably upset someone along the way who would deem that a colleague is getting more favourable hours.

Sign up to shiftpixy today for the hassle free way to ensure your business has the staff in it needs, when it needs them