Shopping at Walmart: 7 Insider Secrets That Will Save You Money and Time

On average, US households spend around $387 per month on groceries. Add other things like clothes, home goods, etc., and for many people, this means spending a good chunk of their paycheck on necessities to survive.

Shopping at Walmart or other similar places already means you’ll get some big savings. But what if we told you that you can save even more? No one’s going to say no to additional savings, right?

In that case, you should read on. Here are 7 insider secrets you should know about so you can save money at Walmart!

1. Go Shopping Right When the Stores Open

Looking for some discount food? Then one of the best tips for shopping at Walmart is to get yourself through the doors right when your local Walmart opens!

They’ll put older food items up for sale in the morning since they want to clear the shelves of them and have room for new food later on. The early bird gets the worm, after all!

2. Sign up for Their Credit Card

If you’re responsible with spending money and have a fairly decent credit score, think about signing up for Walmart’s credit card. This is the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard which comes with a bunch of perks!

You’ll get 2% back if you shop in stores (get 5% back for the first year if you pay with the app) and 5% back if you shop on This will help you cut down on spending, especially if you indulge in Walmart shopping a lot.

Do note that while this credit card has no annual fees, it does have quite a high interest rate. Expect it to be around 27%, so make sure you pay your bills on time and pay off your balance whenever you can. Otherwise, the fees for the high interest rate might negate any savings you get.

3. Check Online to Get Price Matching Deals

While Walmart no longer price matches in stores, they do still price match online. This means that before you purchase something, take a look at their 28 listed competitors to see if the item you want is cheaper anywhere else (3rd-party sellers don’t count). If you find that a competitor has cheaper prices, let Walmart know and they’ll lower the price for you.

You can also price match Walmart with itself! While you’re shopping in one of their stores, take a quick look at their online prices. If anything’s listed for a cheaper price on, let them know and you can get the same price in-store.

4. Get Your Prescription Medications at Walmart

The first place anyone goes to get their prescriptions filled is a pharmacy. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Walmart can also fill these prescriptions, and at much lower prices as well.

Walmart has their own pharmacy that provides generic medications that cost as low as $4 per month. What’s great is you don’t need insurance or a membership to get in on these fantastic prices! So if your family takes meds regularly, be sure to check out Walmart’s program to see just how much you can save.

5. Look for Glitch Deals

Often, stores will accidentally price their items so low, you can literally pick up things for just a few cents. Or they might have a nice deal on but their system is glitching so it gives you double the discount!

Whatever it is, you want to take advantage of it so more money stays in your pocket. But you don’t want to spend countless hours scouring the internet for these deals. If you do this yourself, it can take forever and you might not even come up with anything.

A great way to keep your ear to the ground is to sign up for glitch deal websites. They’ll update in real-time about glitch deals so all you have to do is check their website and/or sign up for notifications if they have that feature. You can then browse a Walmart list to specifically look at glitch deals for this company.

6. Sign up for Walmart+ if You Buy Online Groceries

For those of you who order groceries online, it’ll be worth it to sign up for Walmart+, especially if you regularly get deliveries.

Yes, it’s true that the membership costs around $13 per month or $98 a year, depending on which type you choose. But with this comes unlimited free shipping for groceries and other Walmart deliveries if you can get the total to over $35.

Consider the fact that delivery usually costs around $10 and it’ll be well worth it if you order from Walmart at least twice a month. Other benefits include a 5-cent discount on gas (per gallon) at Walmart, Murphy, and Sam’s Club gas stations. So that’s even more savings bagged!

7. Install Cash-Back Apps

You’re probably glued to your smartphone anyway, so take advantage of that! There are tons of apps out there that can get you some good chunks of cash after you’ve made your purchases.

All you’ll have to do is take a picture of your receipts and upload them to the apps. Some apps are so convenient that they don’t even require this; you can just simply link your loyalty cards and the app will take care of the rest for you.

Make Shopping at Walmart Easier and Cheaper With Our Tips

Shopping at Walmart is a choice that’ll already help you save tons when it comes to buying things for your family. But with these insider tips, you’ll save even more!

So before your next trip out to Walmart, make sure you remember our advice and apply it to all your future Walmart runs. Your bank account will definitely thank you and you’ll have a lot more money to save up or spend on things you love!

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